Why You Should Start A Business Podcast

Welcome to another episode of I’d Podcast That this is Brian your host, and today we are going to be talking about six reasons why your business or any business needs a podcast.

I’ve been running the show for what, 18, 19 weeks now, I believe this is episode 19 that you’re listening to and it has already brought customers into us at Sitch Radio and again, I’m only 19 weeks in. I do not have a massive subscriber-ship. I am not getting hundreds of downloads a week. However, the downloads I am receiving, people are resonating with my content well and it has brought in customers and those customers have actually referred me to friends and it’s brought in more customers just via word of mouth. And to date, I am on third generation, so customer a referred me customer B. Customer B has now referred me. Customer C. So that’s awesome. Only being 19 weeks in,

I’m here to talk about why you or your business needs a podcast and I’ve outlined six main reasons why, in my opinion, a business or your business should have a podcast.

So number one, prospects are listening to podcasts. Over 30 percent of people who own small businesses listen to podcasts. So if you’re in a B2B type business, your prospects are listening to podcasts and we can get your podcast in front of them. Now they’re hearing your brand story can put you on a short list as a potential vendor. Keep that in mind. Over 30 percent of prospects are listening.

Number two, reach more qualified prospects. There’s only so many hours in a workday and you can only do so many meetings in a workday. However, taking some time out of your day, put a podcast together that’s going to go out onto the internet and searchable across multiple platforms is phenomenal because hundreds of people can listen to that podcast in a week.

You can’t do hundreds of discovery meetings in a week, so having that podcast online is going to help fill that sales funnel.

Number three, attracting high-quality customers and clients. Prospects can listen to your episodes before they contact you, and what this is going to do is speed up the sales cycle. If a prospect is coming to you from a podcast, odds are they’ve heard or listened to more than one episode, they’ve got comfortable with you, they feel a relationship with you, they understand how you speak, what you do, and potentially what your sales cycle is., If you’ve discussed that in an episode that they might’ve listened to, that prospect is going to be really, really warm when they enter your sales funnel and as you progress them through, you’ll find that it is an easier close than if they hadn’t listened to a podcast

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Number four podcasting does not take a lot of time. So for example, if you’re going to do a weekly 20-minute show, you’re looking at roughly an hour’s worth of time a week to produce that show. Now, give or take, depending on the style, depending on how tricky you’re going to get with the editing, depending on how comfortable you are editing audio and packaging it for podcast delivery.

But, uh, the learning curve isn’t steep. It comes together pretty quick. And this is if you’re going to do it all on your own, anybody can take an hour, hour and a half a week to get a show out. And again, that hour and a half, how many meetings could you take in that hour and a half to warm somebody up? One, maybe two. I think you see the value of that time spent producing a show.

Number five, no need to spend a lot of money. Podcasting, I’m assuming you already have a computer buying a USB mic and a hosting package is all you need to get started podcasting. Now, cool cover art, things of that nature might cost a little extra money, but we’ve talked about resources in past episodes where you can do things on the cheap for the most part to get your show looking like a show should in iTunes or google play.

To get started, you don’t need that. You can again, USB mic into the computer that you already have. Free software, record your show, Edit your show, and upload it to your hosting package. Now, if you want to free up some of that time, you can utilize services like a stitch radio offers.

www.sitchradio.com They have full podcast production packages, so starting at 500 bucks, you can get help producing your show now, prices range and vary depending on how much assistance you want and how frequently and how long your episodes are, but you might want to give www.sitchradio.com a peek and see if, they might be a good fit to help produce your podcast.

And onto number six, our last and final reason why your business or any business should have a podcast is it is lucrative with a measurable ROI. If you’re asking leads, how did you hear about us, which I’m sure you are, because we’re all stingy with that marketing budget, they start telling you, oh, I heard your podcast. You get to measure that, return on investment of time and money producing that podcast. And remember, these leads that come in, they’re gonna, be Warm.

A podcast is filling your sales funnel with warm leads.

So those are six reasons why your or any business should have a business podcast. And remember, you get to control the content. You get to tell your brand story, you get to share your product or services information weekly if you choose. Having a consistent format and a consistent style to your show will be helpful and people will come back time and time again. And listen.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this show. I hope you took some notes and if you didn’t or have any questions, you know where to find me, www.idpodcastthat.com and yes, this show is on Sitch Radio.

Till next time, talk soon.


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