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What Our Customers Say

“Brian has the ability to understand what my needs are and helped me start my podcasts EM Weekly and EM Student from the ground up. He has the ability to walk a person through a complex process with ease. He is very patient and at the same time he keeps you on task and meeting your deadlines.
Brian also has his fingers on the pulse of the industry knowing what the best, no-to-low cost technologies are, that are easy to use and work well for my needs. His keen business sense and knowledge prevents unnecessary spending and saves you hours of learning new systems that do not work. 
If I could tell you one reason for working with Brian, it is his knack for creating procedures and workflows that increase your productivity, effectiveness, and collaborative skills. What does that lead to? A larger profit for you.
Brian is a great sounding board and has offered innovative ideas and coached me through the times that I was ready to hang up my mic. Because of the support and guidance from Brian, I now host the leading podcast in my industry. ”


“Brian Colburn has consistently demonstrated outstanding customer service and has proven to be a loyal friend and mentor. In the short time I’ve worked with Brian he has been a phenomenal advocate for my personal and professional growth. I would recommend Brian to any company or product development team who was looking to increase revenue or improve their customer service strategies.”


“Brian’s customer service and attention to detail soar’s above the Industry Standard. His follow through and research to answer any question is efficient and very thorough.
I met Brian in early 2013. Since then he has captured our business almost entirely. He takes the time to follow through in Educating his buyer to have a higher success rate. He handles each and every Customer with Integrity.
Brian would be an asset to any company! Thank you, Brian, for Making not only our Company but myself more successful. I look forward to doing business with you!”


“I would like to take a moment to recommend Brian,
Having worked with him over the last several years I can say that he always does way more than expected to go out of his way making sure others are taken care of. It is a pleasure to do business and work with Brian!
Thank you.”