Veterans Day

11 November 1918, to honor the bravery and sacrifice of all U.S. veterans.

Everyone is out. Rides all over the country will be going on to bring out the best of or culture, Honor, respect, freedoms, and heartfelt efforts of those who have served, diversity and understanding. Personal Memorials mean the world to us, Bikes, Bracelets, coins, crosses, art, symbols, clubs, and organizations. Focus on the good but the bad is also involved.

Can you relate, ware our roads cross, and the freedoms we share. Every day is Memorial Day to me and some others and its hard to come out on this day and others. To be out on this day may be the only day they feel safe and strong behind the 364 days of suffering. Ingrate Lifestyle of being saturated in the Vet Life can override balance.

Combat Vet Vision

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