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Gary Ferguson, A decorated Vietnam war hero who earned a Silver Star, 2 Purple Hearts and numerous medals dedicates his life to helping Veterans and others suffering from PTSD, Addictions, Depression, and other debilitating ailments.

Gary talks about the AI-driven biohacking technology that he’s created and assembled that has proven to help Vets experience relief from stress and get their life back.

Gary holds nothing back in his quest to tell his story so others might recognize their own and empower themselves to heal. Listen in and learn how to help people you care about in your own life. We’re all Veterans in one way or another, find out how to change your life and the world around you.

“A Good Day to Live”

Trailer A Good Day to Live

Welcome to “A Good Day to Live”. I’m your host Gary Ferguson a Vietnam combat veteran who recently published a book called “A Good Day to Die”. During the process of writing this book. And then while responding to the comments from those who took the time to read a “Good Day to Die” the inspiration for this podcast “A Good Day to Live” was manifested.

During today’s trailer episode you will have the opportunity to tune in and listen up to the purpose of this podcast, my background.  over the past half-century, I have remained silent. Choosing to struggle with the consequences of being a combat veteran during the height of the Vietnam War all alone. This will no longer be the case.

I am now reaching out through this podcast platform asking others to step forward and share their experience strength and hope so I am no longer alone. During the first 17 years after my military service. I was hopelessly addicted to drugs and alcohol and lived in the world of extremes, extreme sports, fast cars, fast women, 16-hour workdays, seven days a week. That set the stage for my first death experience on December 1st. 1986.

Having crossed over only to be sent back to begin my purpose work. I was somewhat confused, to say the least. My obsession along with my addictions were immediately removed upon my return and the past 32 years have been blessed despite my many trials and tribulations during my sobriety. I have been fortunate enough to be trained by some of the world’s top experiential trainers along with being gifted vast amounts of information both in the scientific realm and alternative healing modalities.

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All of this and more, I’ll be sharing during the upcoming podcast episodes with you the listener at no cost.

Before we get started. I’d like to follow the lead of a young man. I’ve never met only had the privilege of listening to his name is Noah.

Moving forward all future podcast episodes will begin with the gift, he recently shared with me.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Now that just feels right. It’s been a while since I spoke these words that were ingrained in me as a Young Man. I was once bright-eyed and bushy-tailed look to experience the Great American Dream by making a difference.

Now my young man in me has been brought forth in a moment of now simply by pledging my allegiance, once again. Thank you, Noah, for your gift.

“A Good Day to Live” is sponsored by Pathways for veterans a national 501 c 3 non-profits, whose contact information is available in the show notes.

Our mission at “A Good Day to Live”. Our sole purpose is to provide a safe environment. We’re all veterans their families, and those who have a desire to serve others can have the experience of being heard while being given the tools to repurpose them self in mind body and spirit with no one left behind.

Our plan is to provide a weekly platform for the dissemination of information along with experiential training to open the hearts and minds of those who suffer in silence of their mind because no one is listening.

Our strategy is simple “A Good Day to Live” is a listening platform. In other words. We listen ten times more than we speak. And when we speak it is in response to the story shared by our listeners when the pain of their past is released through the sharing of their stories their tears will appear in order to cleanse their soul. Genuine listing does not require conversation merely an acknowledgment from The Listener.

Our listening without our concerns and considerations also known as our opinions will provide our guests with an opportunity to be heard perhaps for the first time.

Our commitment to lead with an open heart and open mind and an open mic with no expectations other than to serve others.

Remember look everyone in the eye. Smile and say thank you and in doing so you will become the experience. It’s “A Good Day to Live”.

See you downrange. 

“Father Ferg”

Sponsored by Pathways for Veterans –

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