The University of California and the Trump Hating Media

Brian & Seth discuss The University of California and the Trump hating Media along with a Cryptocurrency update, OC Real Estate, and Feel Good Friday!

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As always, we found some events for you this weekend and have an update from Jay Sherer of what we can stream this weekend.


Seth – Jay Riffe, Spearfishing King, Is Dead at 82
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Brian – The Media and President Trump firing the CDC
CNBC Headline
“Coronavirus data has already disappeared after Trump administration shifted control from CDC”

CNBC Quote
“Previously public data has already disappeared from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website after the Trump administration quietly shifted control of the information to the Department of Health and Human Services.”

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New York Times Quote
“Trump Administration Strips C.D.C. of Control of Coronavirus Data“
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In the same CNBC story, they provide a video that asks, if the data will be politicized going through the government and if it can be trusted.

Clip  – Becky Quick – “Squawk Box” Co-Anchor, Former FDA chief Scott Gottlieb on HHS taking over Covid-19 data collection from CDC, CNBC, Story by Will Feuer, 16, July 2020,

First, Reports are still being shared with the CDC.

CDC info still available –

Second HHS & CDC are both government agencies.

CDC About Us –,broader%20scientific%20community%20for%20review.


I wish focus would turn from finger pointing to a more cooperative approach on getting through this pandemic.

Seth – The University of California announced its first Black president
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Brian – Fullerton PD Critical Incident Briefing 
Clip – Lt. John Reyes Public Information officer Fullerton PD , Fullerton PD Critical Incident Community Briefing 19-40536, YouTube, FPD PIO Fullerton, 07/12/2019,

Weekly Crypto Update with Jamar James

“OC Real-Estate with Daniel Preszler”

“Feel Good Friday with Tina Anderson

“What’s Coming to Theaters this week?” with Jay Sherer


Brian – Taste of Calico food and wine events
Friday, July 17: 4 PM – 10 PM
Saturday, July 18: 4 PM – 10 PM
Sunday, July 19: 12 PM – 8 PM
Friday, July 24: 4 PM – 10 PM
Saturday, July 25: 4 PM – 10 PM
Sunday, July 26: 12 PM – 8 PM
Tasting cards will run $25 for five food tastings and $15 for three tastings.
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Seth – South OC Cars And Coffee
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Brian – Make Huntington Beach Florida Again
Description – We, the people of Huntington Beach, are SICK and FRICKEN TIRED of the YouTubers coming to our community and making FUN of us. Well guess what. I think it’s time the god-fearing, Trump-loving, pro-police people of Huntington secede from COMMIEfornia and become part of FLORIDA. We WON’T wear your carbon monoxide muzzle mask, demoRATS! We have FACEBOOK and COVID is a HOAX. We will FINALLY be free as citizens of the great state of Florida once and for all.

Come with signs, crucifixes for OUR LORD and NO DARN MASKS, OKAY! This is a child-friendly event.
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Seth – OC Parks for a drive-in movie
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