The Space Between

This week we convened at the wonderful Amani Center (formerly known as The Spiritual Center For Positive Living) in beautiful Cameron Park. As is there cornerstone of, “Our Story Is Your Story” – today we gathered as a group to discuss The Space Between also known as God Consciousness.

Our special co-host Mike DiManno joined host Gary Ferguson to discuss their friendship, our connection challenges in the digital age, and the story that collectively makes up the fabric of our society. No one is left behind as we discuss the childlike state of innocence right up to the high vibrational consciousness of enlightenment and those who are caught up in between the space. It’s this no-mans-land that makes up most of our society living in the matrix-like reality we choose to live in. As is tradition, we take the gloves off and speak candidly about the struggle, the connection and what’s missing in between.

Where are you at in your journey – Are you stagnant, excelling, searching? Maybe you’ve gone past the normal, are awakened and are just looking for more like-minded people to connect with? Join us for this conversation and see what’s happening at The Amani Center in 2020. We really appreciate being able to use this great venue.

Join us on this episode as you won’t want to miss it.


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