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Our special guest this week is the one and only Nasiri Suzan. Nasiri is the Managing Director of the Sound Healers Association, a Clairvoyant, Minister, Spiritual healer, Earth Steward, and Life Transitions Coach. She’s an amazing resource and has led workshops on transformation for over 25 years and helped others develop their intuition, identify strengths and weaknesses, embrace health and wellness, and identify and live their passionate life.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with her and she’s been a tremendous asset in my life and so many others. Nasiri’s worked with Navajo and Lakota medicine people to ‘make the medicine’ and provide leadership for sweat lodge and vision quest ceremonies.
Siri is a practitioner and instructor for the Acutonics System of Harmonic Medicine (sound and vibrational healing), as well as a practitioner and instructor of Attunement (vibrational medicine and the Endocrine System).
Sounds Like Health is a combination of sound (using tuning forks, bowls, chimes and other sound instruments, including voice) working with the endocrine system. Tuning forks are placed on the glands and in the energetic field of the chakras to create a balancing and clearing in the emotional, physical and energetic bodies of the individual. The second level works on the skeletal structure and the bone marrow which carries the DNA, past life issues and can carry codes for life-threatening or terminal illness. Nasiri created this modality, is the author of the forthcoming book, “Sounds Like Health,” and is traveling and teaching nationally and internationally.
Nasiri specializes in intuitive counseling and life transitions coaching, clairvoyant readings, energetic medicine, and integrating alternative therapies and wellness with lifestyles.

Her certifications include:

  • Shivananda Yoga
  • Transformational Breathwork
  • The Reconnection
  • Reiki (all levels)
  • Energetic Medicine (Level 1-5)
  • Aura Readings
  • Attunement
  • Acutonics


Gary: [00:00:00] Welcome. To another episode of “It’s a Good Day to Live”. My name is Gary Ferguson a Vietnam era veteran who recently wrote a book “A Good Day to Die” as a result of the book more and more people have called in to find out information about what we do at Pathways, how it works and how we could help those members of their families who are veterans recover from this transition back into civilian life.

[00:00:46] So this podcast is dedicated to all of those who have served or are currently serving and family members of those who wish to have a better understanding of their loved one who served in our military. And how to connect with them now that they’re transitioning back into civilian life. So as I said in previous episodes, the first thing I’d like to do is to get centered by repeating the following, I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

[00:01:23] Now that just seems right as I’ve said previously as a small boy. I remember saying the Pledge of Allegiance every day at school and at the end of the Pledge of Allegiance, I always had this feeling this overwhelming sensation of Pride. Not only in my country but in my classmates and in being part of something bigger than myself.

[00:01:48] So I stuck these episodes by setting the vibrational frequencies into the motion if you will so that the conversation that you’re about to experience will resonate with you in your heart of hearts. Not necessarily your head. Now that being said, we’re very lucky today to have a very special guest someone who I’ve grown to love over the years.

[00:02:13] Not only is a Healer and somebody who has a track record in sound healing but who’s had the experience of the rest station Lounge for about 18 months and so as a professional in the business of sound healing I’ve asked my friend Nasiri Suzanne to speak on behalf of the work that she has been doing for the past 30 years and also her experience.

[00:02:38] With the rest station Lounge in the hopes that you The Listener can better understand what we’re talking about when it comes to sound healing. So, with that it’s my pleasure and my sincere Delight if you will be having worked with necessary for so long to introduce my dear friend to Nasiri. So Nasiri what say you?

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[00:02:59] Nasiri: [00:02:59] Hi Gary great to be with you today. Thanks for inviting me.

[00:03:04] Gary: [00:03:04] Absolutely my pleasure dear. So, with that could you kind of give us a little bit of a background on your history? If you will how you got started in all this and how you got mixed up with a character like me.

[00:03:15] Nasiri: [00:03:15] Sure. So, I mean as far as sound in my life goes, I started singing to the trees when I was 5 years old and I really got into sound therapy and sound in vibrational medicine about 25 years ago.

[00:03:32] I specifically work with Accusonic which is like acupuncture, but it is. And traditional Chinese medicine and I’ve also worked with Jonathan Goldman who is world-renowned for the last 17 years currently the managing director of the international Sound healers Association, which is how we met. You joined the association and we started talking about the rest station lounge and my interest went through the roof. Really? Yeah, it was great.

[00:04:10] Gary: [00:04:10] So tell me what happened.

[00:04:12] Nasiri: [00:04:12] Well, so then you sent me the information on Pathways for veteran and you were kind of Hardcore you’re like, well, you have to check out the program for veterans. You know before we can even do anything further, which I really piqued my interest so I got a chance to see a program that you were offering for our veterans, which is very appealing to me and then started the journey with the rests station Lounge for I think I blogged about it three four times a week for about 10 months. Spent 18 months working with and using the rest station Lounge.

[00:04:56] Gary: [00:04:56] Can our listeners, could you tell them how they could get access to some of those early archive blogs. I’m assuming that they can find those articles that you’ve written.

[00:05:05] Nasiri: [00:05:05] They absolutely can there on my website and all of the blog articles are on there, I think they are also on your website Gary.

[00:05:32] Gary: [00:05:32] I believe so if anybody has difficulty finding him just give us a call and we can make certain that you get access to it. I just wanted to make certain that people could that have an interest could go back and listen to what you said because I remember reading your blog’s.

[00:05:48] While you were going through the process and how it continued to inspire me that I was on the right track with the work that I was doing, because I didn’t have the benefit of the years of experience that you had but the fact that you know, your experience of the lounge was letting me know that I was on the right track.

[00:06:07] So those early years we started working together were very. Those were good years for me because it kept me pursuing the possibility. You know what I mean? I didn’t give up.

[00:06:17] Nasiri: [00:06:17] Yeah, you know, it was helpful for me to because I was talking about what my personal experience was with the sound and vibration for the different program or therapy that I was listening to them working with.

[00:06:35] But I was also evaluating the energy flow of the sound and vibration Fooled Around and you probably remember some of the suggestions that I’ve made to help that frequency and vibration travel, more freely in the lounge. I think you made some modifications at the time.

[00:06:57] Gary: [00:06:57] That’s correct. We did and we continue to make modifications but your early assessment as to the quality of not only the sound but the frequencies that were using were extraordinary beneficial in putting this what we call now the pathways at ease reset listening protocols that have.

[00:07:18] They’re light years away today from just a year ago. That’s how that we’ve expanded. I mean the feedback that we’ve gotten from not only the sound healers Association, but also from the feedback from other modalities that are interested in sound and different therapies, like Advanced print Technologies and some of the biofeedback companies out there is really exciting for. As we move forward, we’re really feel like we’re part of something really big very exciting.

[00:07:49] Nasiri: [00:07:49] Hey, I felt the same way Gary and I you know, I just remembered those posts were also on my Facebook page sounds a lot like Health, they’re all the world. Yeah. They were on Facebook as well.

[00:08:04] Gary: [00:08:04] Wow, great. Well, when we do this podcast, what I’ll do is I’ll send you a link and then perhaps you can put this conversation up as well. We’re fortunate to have a fella named Brian Colburn helping us put together this with Snitch radio and a couple three weeks ago. I didn’t know anything about doing podcasts.

[00:08:22] I’m just learning. I’m getting my feet wet. I’m hoping to find the right Rhythm if you will. To be able to articulate a flow if you will it that’s so herky-jerky.

[00:08:32]Nasiri: [00:08:32] I’m sure you will Gary you’ve managed to manifest Miracles not only in your life, but in the lives of most people that you touch so I’m sure that you will absolutely figure it out, be pro in no time.

[00:08:48] Gary: [00:08:48] That’s very kind of you dear. So tell us a little bit more about how do you see all of this fitting in and particularly in the conversation that we’re experiencing today in the mainstream media and what your sense of how we can best help our veteran community and their families using sound as a modality or one of many modalities coming together. To support them with anxiety and stress.

[00:09:12] Nasiri: [00:09:12] Well, you know, it’s an interesting thing to watch the progression of our Western Medical Community. They’ve always had well not always but for very long time had ultrasound machine. So, they’re already used and sounds in Western medicine. They just don’t look at it like sound therapy.

[00:09:39] Right. Now I know in the University of Colorado Health Care System, they incorporate sound therapy now, so they have tables stations in there are hospitals for instance women in the Maternal Fetal ward to help them listening. So, there is soothing sounds Susan Helburn is on one of those station. Who is very well known in the sound healing world and his music is something that women in labor can access? So even  Western medicine now is really starting to acknowledge that sounds can play a huge factor in somebody’s feeling and with the restoration lounge, there’s just so many programs that you can use on the lounge and just relax and put the headphones on and allow it to change to vibrational frequency.

[00:10:42] I believe that Kane is blocked energy and when you’re listening to something very specifically with headphones on and then that sounds and frequency and vibration coming through your whole body while you’re lying on the lounge. It’s helping to bring your entire being back into its resonant frequency.

[00:11:08] Therefore if you’re having pain and which is just stuck energy, it can help to release that energy or that pain and you’ll feel better. I mean some of the programs that are available let’s honestly. I had great results with for whether it was for depression or anxiety or pain muscle pain inflammation was another one nerve pain.

[00:11:38] Oh my God, that one was just really phenomenal, and I got to the point where I was listening and doing three different sections in the course of the day. And I mean I started with one a day and I was up to three and actually right before you had recently picked it up two weeks before I was doing three sessions a day again because I had had back for a little while and I wanted to see the difference again and tap into it and I you know, I again Gary it’s just I find it astonishing is such a great means of accessing an alternative sound therapy to help assist in personal healing and restoring your vibrational resonant frequency of a healthy body Mind and Spirit.

[00:12:37] Gary: [00:12:37] Well, one of the things that I remember we talked about one of the things that was very challenging to me in the very beginning particularly with sound healers.

[00:12:46] If you will be to how to create an environment that would allow a client to come and have a session. Without the practitioner actually having to do the Hands-On because in typical work that you do with tuning Forks or bowls or Hands-On Sound Treatment. The limiting factor is you the practitioner.

[00:13:10] So right of the thing is that I realized that if I was going to bring the healing to the masses. That I had to find a way for the practitioner to be more of an information facilitator than a Hands-On practitioner. So that instead of seeing one client an hour. They could see three or four clients an hour and deliver a better or a higher quality or equal equality.

[00:13:37] I should say service without all of the Hands-On that you know, we could use the technology. And also, some of the assessment tools that are available like the scalar frequencies or the My Health some of the other listening devices. If you well to the energetic field that can actually see where the stuck energy and sort of like a whole-body scan or an Ultra.

[00:14:04] Sound of the chakras and allow the practitioner the information to share with the client in such a way that the client can start becoming responsible for their own healing by getting on the lounge selecting the right frequency. And then having an experience to release the trapped emotional pain in their body that causes the suffering and that was remarkable for me because since I’ve been doing the work, I have literally been pain-free now for several years.

[00:14:37] I have no use of medications the neuropathy that I had in my right leg as a result of my diabetes has long disappeared. I find that. The more frequencies I’m able to identify through the scalar wave technology in the biofeedback devices that we have allows me to create custom protocols with what’s going on in my body and the trapped emotional energy if you will in my body on any given day and listen to a 28-minute protocol specifically to that.

[00:15:12] Moment of time and I got to tell you I’m even blown away. I’m not sure I understand what’s happening other than I’m basically pain-free. I sleep like a baby. I have no anxiety have no stress. And for the most part, I I’m just in a state of constant Joy, you know, what? Does that make sense?

[00:15:38] Nasiri: [00:15:38] Having a Hands-On time healing session and having a sound therapist who has Restation. There’s definitely a difference because one is for instance with myself. I can speak it because I mean when I work with a client, I am not just incorporating. Tuning forks and bowls and sound tools. I’m also incorporating energetic medicine and a to mention all these other modalities and affection.

[00:16:10] So there is a difference in that, and I did recognize that but from purely a sound in vibrational frequency basis to be able to go on the lounge either myself or somebody else. Or another sound therapist or massage therapist or another person in The Healing Arts to be able to do that and have that bringing them who pick the specific program that their clients is asking for.

[00:16:47] Well, I you know, I’m not even going to say just that. As in individual it empowers you to embrace and make choices for your own personal well-being in healing and I think that was the best part of it for me that I could choose which program I felt was. Help me the most for what was going on with me at the time.

[00:17:12] I mean right before you came. I had major dental surgery for four hours, which I would not work on somebody when I had something going on with myself. So, I got on that side on the rest station lounge and the nerve inflammation. Please help tremendously any muscle pain because. I mean it was a four-hour oral surgery.

[00:17:38] So my neck hurt my back. I mean a lot of my body hurts from that and the lunch was a lifesaver for me and to be able to have as I said have that self-empowerment. To embrace. What do I need to feel better and look through the sound therapy choices for the program and pick which one or layer which one in. I did one for depression did one for anxiety.  I did one for nerve inflammation and get another one for muscle pain. Just layer them on top of each other and it’s just made all the difference in the process was so much quicker than they expected it to be.

[00:18:27] Gary: [00:18:27] And so as a. As someone who’s been familiar with sound healing as a practitioner, would you see the benefit if you will of somebody who’s in the business is a practitioner to sound healer having a rest station Lounge as part of their Arsenal if you will much like tuning Forks or bowls or some of the other.

[00:18:49] Instruments and tools and techniques that you use do you see this being a fit to support them with their practice so that they can reach more people.

[00:19:00] Nasiri: [00:19:00] Absolutely. I mean one of the ideal things is because as you saw in in my own Healing Center at my home, I had the lounge set up in one room and my massage table for sound sessions in another room.

[00:19:16] So I could have one client setup on the sound lounge, and I could be working with another client in the other room. And so yes, it absolutely gives a sound therapist and or healer and opportunity to offer something substantial. In the sound’s vibrational frequency field to their clients and not have to be present during the session.

[00:19:42] I mean, it’s a quick touch him with them get them set up and after they’re done again a check in with them before they leave and I always made sure that they were really grounded before they walked out the door, but I also wanted to hear their feedback actually how they felt if it was for specific pain or burns is one or trying to God there so many there’s just so many choices in the program that people can choose but I wanted to make sure after their session before they left my house and got in a vehicle that they were grounded and very cognizant and aware before they left because it does invite you into a different place.

[00:20:28] So if you’re anxious, it’s inviting you into a place of peace and serenity and calm calmness. I got some great feedback from the people who had used it. And of course, like I said, I blogged about my own experiences.

[00:20:44] Gary: [00:20:44] Well, it’s my hope. So could you tell us a little bit about what’s happening with the association and perhaps let folks know that are listening in that they have a desire to get in touch with you and find out not only more about the work that you do but also the work of the association how would they best go about finding out more about what you do and what the association does?

[00:21:06] Nasiri: [00:21:06] I would love to do that Gary. Thank you. So, the Internationals sound Taylor’s Association was actually started in 1982 by Jonathan Goldman and three years ago Jonathan and I entered into a partnership completely revamped the website and some of the recording. So, the website is. www.SoundhealersAssociation.Org

[00:21:36] we also have Facebook page. And right now, we’re offering a fall this town for membership of 20%. We have a member, it’s a membership site. As a member. We have a standard membership for $35 in premium membership for $65 what that gives you is full access to years of archived recordings from some of the sound Pioneers on a global level.

[00:22:10] Recent interviews as well. It’s an opportunity. There’s a public directory so you can list all your events. It’s worldwide. So, we have people all around the world. It’s a great resource. If you’re looking for sound therapist, you can in your state. Let’s say for instance you live in California, so you can go into the directory and search on California and.

[00:22:34] Pull up. Let’s say you’re in Orange County pull up Orange County and find out which sound therapist and practitioners live in your area. We blog about we have mentors in the program which are people who have been interviewed by Jonathan Goldman on his radio show and they write, for our Blog I actually have asked you Gary to write an article for our blog in our newsletter because I think the work that you’re doing is outstanding and I’d like to get that out to our community as well.

[00:23:11] Gary: [00:23:11] Yes, a little negligent on that article, but I will I’ll make certain that I get it to you before the end of the month. I had no idea what was going to happen when I wrote the book A Good Day to Die. Not only has the feedback been extraordinary but the both men and women of the military and quite interestingly enough a lot of people that never served in the military have reached out not only to express their gratitude for the book but in the process of that.

[00:23:41] They’ve gone on to the pathways for veteran’s website and actually went to the contact page and filled out the information and have actually gone into the 30-day program. You remember that 30-day program that you looked at back in the very beginning and

[00:23:55] Nasiri: [00:23:55] yeah, that’s wonderful news. I’m really glad to hear that Gary.

[00:24:00] Gary: [00:24:00] Yeah, they had we had 40. I think 47 veterans this month go into the program as a result of the book. I’d say have the 47 I’d say about I don’t know there’s probably 10 or 12 of them that have really taken a hold of it because it takes a while, you know this the work that we do at Pathways is not for everyone and when I say that I mean most people have what I would call Great lives, you know what I mean?

[00:24:29] Things are okay things you’re not certain things. You’re not so bad. But there’s a lot of people who reached a point in the either their careers or the relationships or that are coming out of the military that don’t have a sense of purpose and are really just looking for a pathway forward to a new sense of purpose.

[00:24:48] And with Pathways is really about is for you. The individual just doesn’t matter what your background is because we’re all veterans of something. I mean if Frank if you’re a mother of three children. Working two jobs to keep it roof over your head. You’re a veteran.

[00:25:03] Nasiri: [00:25:03] You just talk about my bio Gary.

[00:25:08] Gary: [00:25:08] Yeah. Well, I have a lot of women a lot of women in the program. I mean, it’s almost like I’d say two-thirds of our program is women. And yeah, the reason why quite honestly is the female energy is it Resonate easier with the work that I do than the male energy and I think it’s primarily because there they come from the right brain more than the left brain and they’re the nurtures, you know, there’s a home givers their caretakers, you know without the female energy.

[00:25:42] We wouldn’t do so good on this planet. Well, we just wouldn’t I don’t know. I know a lot of guys, but if they’re really tell me the truth, there’s usually. A woman behind them that keeps them on track. Okay. Most guys won’t admit that, but I’ve been successfully married four times. So, I know how it works, you know, I know exactly how it works, you know.

[00:26:07] You would ask all of my exes even though they’re not from Texas. They’ll tell you the same thing. You know, I have a lot of respect for the female energy because I do believe they are going to lead the way forward as the evolution of humanity moves into the field if you will because we really have to knock the zero-sum game if you will of somebody being right.

[00:26:34] Therefore somebody must be wrong and stop all of this. Yankee Doodle that’s turning into wackadoodle that is destroying our country.

[00:26:44] Nasiri: [00:26:44] You know, you know Gary I wanted to share with your listeners in the middle of your book and I am not a veteran of the military, but yet I find it to be.

[00:26:58] Riveting. I know personally whenever I see or meet a member who is in the armed forces or have served their country and some level. I always express my gratitude towards them and thank them for their service, but I have to tell you I find that people. Traditionally don’t stair away from Western medicine or traditional medicine until they’re desperate.

[00:27:26] They’re finding it’s not working, and I’ll tell you just said so many wise things one about women and one of the programs on the rest station Lounge that I found extremely helpful with some PTSD. Oh, my goodness. What a. Change that and how much it impacted me doing that session to the point where I was trying to get that one in at least once a week because I mean trauma just goes so deep on affects us so deeply on so many levels it gets to the point where we become accustomed to that or in train.

[00:28:12] To that in our lives and we don’t have to be, so I mean I specifically wanted to mention that one on the rest station Lounge because it is just that that one’s for everyone. Well, yeah.

[00:28:31] Gary: [00:28:31] I listen to it all the time. You know, I’ve my personal library now has gotten quite extensive. I’m blessed because I am able not only to listen to what’s already been created.

[00:28:41] I’m in the process now of creating new protocols that are blending several modalities all at once and I’m actually now listening to One series of protocols on one computer. While listening to a completely different vibe acoustic set of protocols on another computer. So, I’m able to program if you will the intellectual part of my mind.

[00:29:06] Well, I’m treating my pain body if you will and I got to tell you I’m absolutely blown away. I have no idea. I feel like I’m on The Cutting Edge of Technology entering this fifth and sixth dimensional Realm of Consciousness at a level of Dimension. If you weld that is absolutely mind-boggling.

[00:29:28] I mean, yeah, I can’t get enough of. But what I would like to do is because of the interest of time in our list years keeping everything to its close to being on time as I can. It’s just my old military training. What I’d like to do is thank you. Is there anything you’d like to say to our listening audience before we conclude this particular episode?

[00:29:48] Nasiri: [00:29:48] Well, I’d like to thank you for inviting me today Gary and I’ll just reiterate the west side so you can. Read the blog on the rest station Lounge at And the sound Taylor’s association website. Please come check us out. Look at the directory for someone near you if you’d like to experience sound therapy with a practitioner.

[00:30:17] And that www.soundhealersassociation.Org. I would like to invite personally invite everyone who’s listening to this podcast to you know, just step outside your comfort zone and try something different absolutely believe you will need very glad you did.

[00:30:42]Gary: [00:30:42] Well, it’s been a pleasure as usual dear and I’ll look forward to sending off that promise blog and look forward to getting a copy of the a good day to live to you and this podcast so thank you for all you do in service of our veterans and service to humanity quite honestly, dear your wonderful woman.

[00:31:00] Nasiri: [00:31:00] Thank you. Gary feelings likewise. Thanks for the invitation today.

[00:31:05] Gary: [00:31:05] Alright, have fun today

[00:31:07] Nasiri: [00:31:07] I will you to be blessed

[00:31:08] Gary: [00:31:08] You too, dear. Thank you. Okay. Bye.


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