The One Advantage Podcast. Join Mike Richardson, Jason Richmond, and Leo Bottary to explore the only competitive advantage which you can rely upon as having any permanence these days … a peer-powered culture of agility … in our accelerating world of disruptive change, every other competitive advantage is increasingly temporary, increasingly quickly, probably bigger faster and sooner than you think! Especially in the new world of work that is emerging. Join us to develop the one advantage of a Peer-Powered Culture of Agility … Mike is an expert on Agility, Jason is an authority on Culture and Leo is a thought leader on Peer Power, with 6 books so far between us and counting! Together we triangulate profound insights into Peer-Powered Cultures of Agility, interviewing practitioners to share their best practices, experiences, and practical learnings, helping you develop your one advantage to navigate the new world of work and future proof your business.

The One Advantage Podcast

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