The 3 Amigos

We got a chance to sit down with two current students going through my 16-week program for conscious living. We get real and talk about what got them here.


Gary: [00:00:00] Welcome to another episode of, it’s a good day to live. I’m Gary Ferguson, your host for today’s podcast as tradition. Let’s start by standing and say, I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and justice for all.

[00:00:26] Today we’re really blessed. We have to. Participants in the pathways program. My friend Joe and my friend Brandon and are here to talk about what they’ve experienced since they got associated with this possibility. So, let’s start with Joe, who probably has a better recollection than Brandon and me on what’s been happening.

[00:00:49] So tell us about how you found us. And now that you’ve found us what’s been happening and be specific and kind of put it in context of statements rather than a story. How introduce yourself, who you are, where you came from, all that good shit. How deep. Much detail details. As much as you want, brother.

[00:01:09] Joe: [00:01:09] Okay. My name’s Joe has, I’ve already stated I came to meet. Gary and the pathway through a friend of mine, Brandon, who was working with Gary, I currently in a split, separated marriage. For me, it was a bombshell, and initially it just caused the downward spiral and I was fortunate to timing’s everything.

[00:01:28] Brandon was able to have me meet with Gary and we were able to start the program and since starting the program, interesting. I’ve really come to the conclusion that I am in control of everything going on so far in this little shit show that I’m currently in is pretty much my doing and facing these fears, which has been one of my greatest challenges in life.

[00:01:51] It’s been healthy. I’m finally able to reflect on all the shit I’m doing and have done, and I’m able to actually understand why I’ve been doing it. And there’s been a transformation that. I’m still struggling with because I’m fighting to figure out is my ego just faking. Like he’s suddenly seeing the light and trying to take control.

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[00:02:10] Because that’s been one of my issues is controlling everything unconsciously and consciously. So.

[00:02:17] Gary: [00:02:17] Well, let me ask you a question here, because you’ve set it off a lot in a very short period of time. So, let’s rewind for just a second and I’ll ask you a couple of questions so we can maybe drill down a little bit further.

[00:02:29] So since you’ve started the program, you’ve been in the program, how many days?

[00:02:33] Joe: [00:02:33] 57 days.

[00:02:33] Gary: [00:02:33] 57 days. Wow. You sound like an alcoholic. Who’s captain sobriety? So, you’ve been in the program 57 days.

[00:02:41] Joe: [00:02:41] Yes.

[00:02:41] Gary: [00:02:41] And during that process, you ran across several distinctions. You’ve actually taken the time to do the homework and posted online.

[00:02:51] Joe: [00:02:51] Yes.

[00:02:51] Gary: [00:02:51] So that tells me, you know, the homework is designed to have you write and then put it into the field. By putting it on the Google drive and sharing it with another human. My experience has been that if you journal and you don’t share what you journaled with another human being, that really still has the power over you.

[00:03:11] So would you say that the program up until now has supported you in uncovering your inauthenticity and why? You do what you do and because it sounds like you’re starting to take full accountability, that you are the creator of the drama in your life.

[00:03:29] Joe: [00:03:29] Yes. Is that a fair? Yeah, the writing is essential. And earlier on, I think you’d said something like maybe that’s when the magic happens, but.

[00:03:38] Truly, I had all these thoughts after going through the readings and whatnot, but, and when you start putting it down on paper, and then you go back and you read it, and part of the deal with my writing, I was trying to write, and I know that I’m trying to write to, to my professor here. And I wanted to write what I thought you wanted to hear, and then you maybe go back and edit it to say, you know what was ultimately, I mean, really, what was the payoff?

[00:04:01] And you just start to, you get a lot of insight and then you start to read your own writing on who, who, who is this bullshitter? And then, then you look in the mirror. I mean, without the writing, that’s the magic. That’s the work. That’s, if you don’t do that, then, I mean, it’s the beginning point, but if you’re not going to do the writing.

[00:04:17] Well, there’s not going to be the awareness.

[00:04:20] Gary: [00:04:20] Right. Well one of the things about the, and just so you know, I’ll give you guys both and I want to hear from you for right now, Brandon, and because you’ve observed Joe from the beginning, cause you brought this character to pathways. So that being said, what I’ve discovered is that, and so you guys know, I read what you post.

[00:04:38] And as a result of what you post, it gives me access to the questions to ask and the roadmap to guide you into what’s next. In order for you to peel away and get a deeper understanding of why it is what you do. You know? And when I say it’s why it is what you do, it’s our doingness that prevents us from our becomingness.

[00:05:01] We’re so caught up in doing this. In order to have that, that we fail to recognize that there’s nothing to do. There’s only a way to be when you step into the world of being this. That comes from the energy of authenticity and your risk of being vulnerable. Now you’re in God consciousness. So, Brandon, the question I have for you as an observer of a dear friend of yours, so tell me from your point of view, what you’re experiencing.

[00:05:34] Of your friend Joe?

[00:05:35] Brandon: [00:05:35] Well, I think kind of like he said is I think we all revert back to junior high school when it comes time to write, because I don’t think most people are writers per say. So, I know I did the same thing when I started writing. It was like, you just start making up words to fill in sentences.

[00:05:50] To get your 200 words, and then all of a sudden, for me at least, I noticed that I would go way over what I was supposed to write, but as I continued writing, the authentic me would start coming out as I lost track of the, what should I say, part, you know, that came out in the beginning, but to answer your question, this is the first time.

[00:06:10] The three of us meeting back in this room since the very first meeting that we had. And I can say it’s drastically different, both from a physical appearance as well as an energetic standpoint.

[00:06:23] Gary: [00:06:23] Well, tell us a little bit of bar beef Pacific, because there’s a lot when she just said, so give us a little, put a little meat on the bone, if you will.

[00:06:30] Brandon: [00:06:30] Well, it’s clear that. In doing the homework and going through the first month program that both Joe and I have a stable foundation to work from at this point where I think when we first met in here, there was visibly. Instability and Joe both physically, energetically, and me. I think there was instability, maybe not physically, but energetically, and so I can see the changes and feel the changes definitely between both of us.

[00:07:02] Gary: [00:07:02] Well tell me a little bit about your timeline.

[00:07:04] I, you spoke the other day and mentioned some specifics. Could you tell me a little bit about the, what’s happened in addition to doing the homework, what you’ve been doing. In the second part of the program at what I say that because there’s more to the program after the first 30 days, there’s more to do.

[00:07:23] So the 30 days is to give you a background of relatedness. And it kind of put structures in place to create new habits, and those habits then start to transform your life because you’re finding that 15 minutes and then it’s 30 minutes and then it’s an hour out of every day to practice these disciplines in order to start producing different results.

[00:07:44] In your life. So, tell me about how that’s showed up for you.

[00:07:48] Brandon: [00:07:48] Well, prior for me, I was always sort of a seeker, so I was seeking out content, but it was really more like topical fufu motivational content on YouTube. Feel motivated for the day to go out and, you know, get after it’s kind of thing. Where now I noticed the content that I’m consuming and the way that I’m consuming it has changed.

[00:08:10] It’s more of an educational based as opposed to a feel-good base. So, I do find myself looking for different content. But to your question, I think it’s been about. 68 days for me that I’ve felt like a huge shift. I kind of going through this program and decided to stop drinking. I wasn’t really drinking that much, but just consistently, you know, a couple beers a day.

[00:08:34] And so for me, I instantly felt a need in my life to try to find some clarity to layer on top of the energy and education content that I was getting. Really, so I could kind of be more aware and focused and hopefully absorb more of it. You know, as I went through the program and it, in my opinion, it worked well.

[00:08:57] Gary: [00:08:57] How does that land for you? Where do you saying, cause I’m kind of looking at the energy going back between the two of you, because you’re close. So, what, how does that. Resonate with you, Joe, what he just said.

[00:09:06] Joe: [00:09:06] About the stopping drinking or?

[00:09:09] Gary: [00:09:09] What he’s starting to experience is just part of this. You just so you guys know this is part of the program because what I’m here to do is find out how well you listen.

[00:09:19] Brandon: [00:09:19] Not well as you know.

[00:09:21] Gary: [00:09:21] Well, and I say that because I can feel you. I’m sitting next to you, Joe, and I can feel the energy that’s being generated. By your thinking, your right now, your it is grinding away. I can feel it even though I’m only a foot or so away from you, it feels like you’re in my head energetically because I can feel your analytic mind that has allowed you to survive all these years peaking up.

[00:09:50] So the skill that you’ll develop during the second. Phase of pathways. And then the third phase, the skills is your listening skills. So, when I’m asking you, Joe, is what he just said, that.

[00:10:03] Joe: [00:10:03] Oh, what he said, yeah, that before. And I can relate to it. Cause I was oftentimes the recipient of these little videos that were very superficial.

[00:10:11] You know, like just they get you through the day type. He described it as fufu. It was, it was this positive self-talk and less Brown video. You feel good. You’re like, fuck yeah, I can get today. But we really never. I think what he’s realized, and we never really looked internally at the content of, of why do I need a video to get me through the day?

[00:10:27] Why can’t I get me through a day? And then I think with Brandon and knowing him, well, he has been a seeker. He’s always been somebody who’s like, he’s always been like seeking the enlightenment, but it was very, you know, he’s been all over the place, you know, Brandon well and, and that part of him I admire, but he’s always struggled somewhat with like, I won’t say drugs per se, because I don’t want to make it sound like, but I mean, but him taking control back, I admire that.

[00:10:49] You know, I stopped drinking temporarily and then I went on a mountain bike ride and I was with my friends and I fell right back into my role as I read a bike and then I drank afterwards, so.

[00:10:59] Gary: [00:10:59] Whoa, don’t go so fast. So, what did that feel like?

[00:11:02] Joe: [00:11:02] I felt like I cheated on myself to some degree. Like I let myself down.

[00:11:06] Gary: [00:11:06] So when’s the first time that happened?

[00:11:08] Joe: [00:11:08] That I let myself down? Yeah. You mean drink?

[00:11:10] Gary: [00:11:10] No. You need to let yourself down. The drinking was just an event.

[00:11:14] Joe: [00:11:14] Yes.

[00:11:14] Gary: [00:11:14] But when I asked you how it felt, you said I let myself down. So, I asked you when’s the first time you let yourself down? Where you had the feeling of letting yourself down?

[00:11:25] Joe: [00:11:25] Probably when I had a scholarship for football, and I got kind of hurts. I couldn’t play, so I just hurt. What does that mean? It hurt because I couldn’t be good at something. I couldn’t control the situation. I was going to be sidelined. So, I wrote a note to my coach. They went away for college, snow college to play another team, and I slid a note under the door, and I drove home.

[00:11:46] I felt I quit. But I, I rationalize it and justify it as I do all my, as I always have.

[00:11:51] Gary: [00:11:51] So when was the first time that happened?

[00:11:53] Joe: [00:11:53] That was at 18 years of age. But prior to that.

[00:11:56] See, prior

[00:11:57] Gary: [00:11:57] to that, is what we’re interested in. Because what you did at 18 is merely a replay of what you did in an earlier age, because what you did at 18 was already a behavior that was built into your subconscious programming.

[00:12:10] So how do when you give up on yourself, how does that feel.

[00:12:14] Joe: [00:12:14] Pretty shitty.

[00:12:15] Gary: [00:12:15] Pretty shitty. Okay. Well that’s an interesting choice. Is that an adjective or adverb? I forgot my English pretty shitty. That’s more like a smell.

[00:12:32] Joe: [00:12:32] That’s kind of why I always probably look outside myself. Do you know? And I surrounded myself with stuff and people and I believe my own bullshit. And that’s the biggest problem. And that’s the problem I’m facing now. I can’t tell if whoever, and I call it, is that the helm of the ship, there’s a voice listening and I’m wondering who he is.

[00:12:48] And I can’t tell if it’s the ego or is it the higher Joe who wants to be the good person. It’s like this constant battle. And I’m wondering, I become such a great actor. I don’t even know if I’m acting now.

[00:12:59] Gary: [00:12:59] You are.

[00:13:01] Joe: [00:13:01] That’s what I mean, and that’s the problem. That scares the shit out of me, that I’m almost like, who am I?

[00:13:06] Gary: [00:13:06] Well, we’re all acting. I don’t want to have, right. Well, okay, I get it. That for part of our lives, we have to, but the reality is when you can generate from an authentic point of view, you ask about the observer. Okay? It’s always observing. It never stops. Okay. I’ve been doing this work a long time and my IT is more profound and anxious today than it was 34 years ago when I quit drinking.

[00:13:33] My challenge for the last 34 years is how to stop thinking I have a thinking disorder. Mental illness, we all do. Exactly. And it’s based upon the illusion of self, that the egoic sense of self is what allows us to survive. So that we can move forward as a species, but we’ve somehow lost our way and distorted it because it’s not interested in your wellbeing.

[00:14:01] Brandon: [00:14:01] Are you saying it as the observer

[00:14:03] Gary: [00:14:03] IT is the observer.

[00:14:05] Joe: [00:14:05] Is that the voice that I hear?

[00:14:06] Gary: [00:14:06] The voice that you hear is your it. How you respond to it is what causes the pain to appear in your life, which is trapped, emotional energy. In other words, you have an experience and the way the process works. Are you have an experience and you attach meaning to it?

[00:14:27] The meaning is associated with past behavior and programming that you got early on. So, all of a sudden, if she says this, it must mean that. And it supports your ego in order to be right.

[00:14:43] Brandon: [00:14:43] And those are those big sunglasses that Brian Klemmer’s talking.

[00:14:46] Gary: [00:14:46] Exactly. It’s that feedback loop. It’s a feedback loop and you never get out of it.

[00:14:51] But what you can learn how to do is we all have sunglasses. We all have filters that we listen to the world through in order to assess where, you know, we’re nothing more than an antenna. Looking at all the outside information coming at us, and especially in today’s world with the digital world of Wi-Fi and all the crazy stuff that, I mean, it’s 6.2 hours a day.

[00:15:16] We’re being bombarded by information through gadgets, and we’re addicted to it. Okay? So how many people can actually stop and listen to their heartbeat and as a result of listening to their heartbeat. Transcend physical form into an experience that doesn’t require thought. You call it piece of art. You can have peace of mind.

[00:15:40] It’s only a heartbeat away. Most people cannot get away from their head IT.

[00:15:46] So are

[00:15:46] Brandon: [00:15:46] you saying that it or the ego’s drug of choice is the doing?

[00:15:51] Gary: [00:15:51] Oh yeah.

[00:15:52] Brandon: [00:15:52] Instead of the being.

[00:15:53] Gary: [00:15:53] Absolutely. It’s drug of choice is that’s a great way to put it. It’s drug of choice. The doingness. In order to be right. You’re doing in order to be right is your validation, but back to your early childhood programming, you did this in order to get that the act that you did to the parents or the uncle or the sibling or whatever to get attention.

[00:16:17] And if you cut through all the crap, if you want to know what the answer is, other than there is no answer. The closest I’ve ever came up to is that at the end of the day and at the end of all the work I’ve done, I can come up with one word, my desire to be admired by others for who I am.

[00:16:34] Brandon: [00:16:34] And have you thought about or figured out.

[00:16:37] Why that is or what, do you have a theory on why you think inherently human being to want to be admired?

[00:16:42] Gary: [00:16:42] Well, I’ve looked at, you know, of the 4,732 quotes unquote feedings some where’s in there. It’s a lot. Okay. And we have feelings and then feelings about the feelings and yada yada. Yeah. But what I’ve come to realize that if you dissect the word admiration, it encompasses a whole shitload of.

[00:17:01] Feelings and experiences.

[00:17:03] Brandon: [00:17:03] Well, I remember we had a conversation once, and I’ve always heard or believed that there were two root feelings, which are fear and love. And you had said that you thought admiration was stronger than love.

[00:17:16] Gary: [00:17:16] Oh, absolutely. Because we live in a three-dimensional reality or construct, if you will.

[00:17:21] And what you’ll find. During the coursework at pathways is you’ll be given bite sized pieces of information that you can add to your personal experience and then write about how you feel and discover your own act. And once you discover the act that you generate the stage, like you’re an actor, once you find out that cause we’re all acting, I don’t give a shit.

[00:17:46] Suck it up. Air and planet earth. You got an act going on. Whether your act is for the betterment of humanity or the betterment of shelf, that’s the work. So, I do service work because I know beyond a shadow of doubt that if I’m in service to others with no expectation of anything in return. Then I get to be in the state of bliss.

[00:18:06] For me, the state of its beyond having an orgasm, let’s put it that way. I don’t have to come back. I can stay in this state, if you will. It’s a consciousness.

[00:18:15] Brandon: [00:18:15] But really what you’re saying is then you get to be admired by God. Right?

[00:18:19] Gary: [00:18:19] Amen. Well, we are God.

[00:18:21] Brandon: [00:18:21] Ooh, that going to ruffle some feathers.

[00:18:25] Gary: [00:18:25] Well, I’m not, you know, I’ve got to, I used to have a check it out back to.

[00:18:29] Okay, but there is that metaphorically, when I say that I am not God. There is a Supreme being and it ain’t me. I get that. Okay. But I was created in the image and I rest my case. When you take responsibility for your life that you’re responsible for creating the whole damn thing. Good or bad.

[00:18:58] Brandon: [00:18:58] You’re at purpose driven life. You just got to figure out what the purpose is.

[00:19:02] Gary: [00:19:02] Right, exactly. If you don’t have purpose, no one of the world’s mad. Nobody has a sense of purpose anymore because they’re all afraid in what people don’t understand is in a three-dimensional construct, you have to have contrast, good or bad. Love or fear, right or wrong. It’s in the contrast that we have this thing we call life’s experience.

[00:19:24] So when I say that, I’ll finish that thought is in God’s world, there is no choice. There’s only unconditional love. That’s it. If I love you, Brandon, unconditionally, I get the experience of being in the state of bliss. Yeah. If I love you with conditions. Oh boy, here we go.

[00:19:46] Joe: [00:19:46] Yup. You told me some, and I just want to interject because my mind is thinking a lot.

[00:19:51] Gary: [00:19:51] Oh, I can feel it over here. God, man, I, but I think I’m getting a bath over here.

[00:19:57] Joe: [00:19:57] But the funny part is I’m aware of it and still have to keep coming back to saying listen and listen and wrap yourself around the meeting. Wrap yourself around what everybody’s saying. But you said something to me when, when I was in that very first meeting.

[00:20:09] About, you should want to get to a point, this is my current life separated from, but if I truly love her, I’ll want to walk her down the aisle, but not to marry her, to walk her down the aisle, to give her to whoever she’s married. And that was kind of a, a mind-blowing statement because as I really look at it, it’s everything’s conditional.

[00:20:29] And I told her several times, I’m acting now in a way that I think I should. I’m trying to be love and supporting. Without conditions, and I’m battling it because I know deep down there is conditions and she says the slightest thing. And emotionally I do exactly what you said. I put a meaning on it and then my mind goes, and the assumptions goes, but I’m seeing it now.

[00:20:50] And since starting the program, I’m not saying that I still internalize it. I get pissed at it, but it’s not as loud. It’s not as consistent. And it’s not constantly just chipping away at me and I’m seeing it.

[00:21:01] Gary: [00:21:01] Well, and what you guys will find is, is now moving forward, once a month, we will be having a fireside chat.

[00:21:09] That’s what I call these things, the three of us, because you guys are actually buddies going through the program. Once a month we’ll get together like this and we’ll do a little podcast and we’ll, in doing so, what’ll happen is the people that are listening to this will see for themselves your personal transformation between the two of you, cause your buddies in the program.

[00:21:28] Now. So, with that, I want to acknowledge you for. Sharing straight up stuff. And the next time we meet, we’ll follow up on this. And my request is that before we meet the next time in this setting to where we do in a podcast, you listened to re listen to this podcast. You guys. So, when we get together next time, I’ll make the same commitment that I’ll listen to this podcast before we meet as a group.

[00:21:53] Next time that doesn’t change. You and I meeting one-on-one. Joe, are you meeting one on one? Cause you guys are kind of going into the advanced protocols now.

[00:22:02] Brandon: [00:22:02] Let’s talk about that for a few minutes. Sure. What does that involve?

[00:22:05] Gary: [00:22:05] Well, it starts off by what I’ve given you. I’ve given you some advance work to do.

[00:22:10] It does nothing changes here. The same level of work that you’re doing. You do. So, you haven’t, there is no graduating. By the way, you never graduated from this. There is no loan, there’s no certificate.

[00:22:22] Brandon: [00:22:22] Did we get a ribbon?

[00:22:24] Gary: [00:22:24] You get, you get to start sharing of a level of authenticity to not only find your purpose, but once you find your purpose, now you have a platform to express your purpose to the world.

[00:22:35] Why are you here and what are you up to so that when your time is up in physical form, the epithet. On your tombstone says here he made a contribution.

[00:22:47] Brandon: [00:22:47] He was admired.

[00:22:48] Gary: [00:22:48] That’s a good one. He was admired. I liked that. I’ll take that. Yeah, I’ll take that on my tombstone. He was in admired. Yeah, because if you get to the bottom line, we all want to be admired by families and friends and others, complete strangers.

[00:23:02] We just want to love one another to get along and we don’t, we’re not doing that. So, it takes a transformation of consciousness that we’re going to survive as a species other than the stupid shit we’re doing now. So, you guys are on the leading front. The fact that you’re willing to risk being vulnerable.

[00:23:18] Where the guy like, man, I’m willing to, you know, basically be vulnerable with you. I got no secrets left. You know? And if you don’t have any secrets, you start to heal. And when you start to heal, you can radiate. An energetic force that other people can feel as an experience, and you don’t need language.

[00:23:35] You can walk in the room and heads will turn. What just happened? Oh, that’s Joe. That’s Brandon. Wherever they go, the room lights up because the light of the world is expressed through them in consciousness. That’s power, guys.

[00:23:50] Joe: [00:23:50] I’ll take a serving of that.

[00:23:51] Gary: [00:23:51] Yeah. Amen. Yeah. Amen. Yeah. Amen. Again, I look forward to working with you guys during the week.

[00:24:00] You’re taking some stuff with you today. The benefit that you guys now have is a discipline, Joe. After the first of the year, you’ll be able to go up to the center up in Cameron park and enjoy not only the scalar way, but the lounge, but also halo therapy. So, this is now you’re transforming from the knowledge part into the experiential part.

[00:24:26] So your personal transformation, and you’re willing to share that on a monthly basis with the outside world. That’s what I’m interested in because your transformation is more important than mine. Cause I’m still work in progress. We all are. Right. Yeah. Amen. Yeah.

[00:24:42] Joe: [00:24:42] And I, and I just got, I’ve got to say this, because I think this might apply to people.

[00:24:46] I, I have epilepsy, nocturnal seizures only, and. I have breakthrough seizures. My medications haven’t been working, and prior to all this, they were highly experienced, you know, anywhere from three to 12 of them per month. And I always said that stress was a trigger stress and the trigger, and my life was stress.

[00:25:03] I was very in a dark place prior to this happening, and I thought I was in a darker place when it happened. But I can say that since all of this has happened and we’ve met, I had one kind of, I don’t even know. I don’t even want, I don’t think it was a seizure because I was able to speak right afterwards, which is not.

[00:25:19] Possible, because you go through like this period of time where your brain scrambled, but I have had no seizures. Wow. Yeah. Which is, I mean, everyone’s like, how’s your seizures? How you’re seeing, because people that know me, you know my story. Oh, poor Joe. Its seizures.

[00:25:33] Gary: [00:25:33] Well, that’s interesting. You said poor Joe cause

[00:25:36] Joe: [00:25:36] I’m like, well because I want to be a victim.

[00:25:38] Gary: [00:25:38] In order to get poor Joe, you have a fucking seizure. I mean that’s hysterical.

[00:25:48] Joe: [00:25:48] My light seizures and my, my wife left me. So, but card or from that vantage point, there’s no option. I don’t, I want to be. Fucking 

[00:26:00] Gary: [00:26:00] Wouldn’t it be nice to go through life without a seizure or having to take medications so you could experience poor Joe.

[00:26:07] Joe: [00:26:07] Yeah, because this morning I wake up, I got my toll packs. I feel like I’m no disrespect, like an old guy with my pill pack. I have to remember like, Oh, you know what I mean?

[00:26:24] I have a pill pack and there’s two of them, and if I don’t. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m just going to stop talking.

[00:26:30] Gary: [00:26:30] Oh my God. That’s hysterical. Wow. Well, it’s really a pleasure. You know, I want you guys to know what a blessing you are in my life, personally, because you guys are, why I get up, you know, and that specific dish, the two of you right now, there’s like 47 guys, 43 guys now, because a couple of them have completed their work and now they’re going to go out and try it their way. And usually I give them three or four months and they come back because it’s not relapsed. Well, you know, it is. This is a way of being. There’s nothing to do here other than learn the discipline to have a daily practice meditation.

[00:27:08] I don’t care what you call it, but my courage meant to you is found a way to serve others. I don’t care what it is. Helping a little old lady across the street, dogs, cats, people. I don’t care what you, who you help, but get out of yourself and help someone else and your life will rock it because that’s the only solution.

[00:27:28] That causes it to stop because it will want to figure it out and it’s very slippery. My, it is slipperier today than it was 34 years ago when I stopped drinking. Know I haven’t been thinking now in about six or seven years. Doesn’t mean I’m not a smart guy. It just means that I don’t allow my thinking disorder to prevent me from serving others.

[00:27:52] Otherwise I’d go right back down the rabbit hole and just be a self-centered, right, self-righteous ass. Cause I’m still that guy. But it doesn’t get to play well.

[00:28:01] Brandon: [00:28:01] Ironically, you know, people that are on the religious side of the spectrum, all the great throughout history. Had I heard of servitude. I mean, if you look at, at all of them, that’s pretty much what they’re all doing.

[00:28:13] And that’s why we all remember them. And they did such great things in our life, you know, is because they were living every day to help other people. Which sounds like you’re on the right path.

[00:28:22] Gary: [00:28:22] Well, you know, I have a lot of Christians that I work with and everything, all of the trainings and all of the distinctions you can find in quoting, quote the Bible.

[00:28:31] I have a lot of Jewish friends that, you can find it. The Toura. I have a lot of, Islamic breads and you can find it in the Koran. So, the work that we’re talking about has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with consciousness state of being where there is no separateness. There’s only as one a state of being that allows us to be connected with each other at source energy and open-heart resistance to nothing.

[00:29:04] To give my life for another is the greatest blessing I have. And I’ve been willing to do that now for a long time. And that’s why when I wrote the book, a good day to die, every day is a good day to die. To the illusion of self. So, go out there and make a difference in someone else’s life so you can become the admiration of the world.

[00:29:29] I had some fun here today. I don’t know. Did you have any fun?


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