Story Telling by Chase Barlow

Storytelling: Master the Art of Telling a Great Story for Purposes of Public Speaking, Social Media Branding, Building Trust, and Marketing Your Personal Brand
by Chase Barlow

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Story Telling by Chase Barlow

We have come a long way when it comes to telling stories. No more pigment on a wall, but audio, video, virtual reality, and still the written word. I’m glad we are no longer chiseling stories onto walls.

The more one can learn about storytelling and implement what they learn into their content, the better that message is to be received by the audience.

I love to learn and my choice of learning is audio. I love audiobooks! This is a book that I consumed by listening but it was filled with takeaways so I also bought the actual book. With the intent to tab, highlight, and deface it in an organized manner to access those takeaways quickly.

It’s a tough racquet, reviewing books. I reviewed the reviews, now that’s a lot of reviews, and found it odd that only 49% of the reviews left are 5 stars at the time of writing this.

Book Description

Discover how you can master the art of telling great stories in public, through social media, and in real life…

Can you use a story that’s meaningful to you to sway others? 

Do you have a business that needs branding? 

How can you find and tell stories that have an impact? 

This audiobook will expose the answers with effective techniques, top tools, and actionable advice. 


  • Insight and tips from seven expert storytellers
  • Critical elements to know when composing a story
  • How jumping right in can diminish your story or brand’s value
  • Common myths on public speaking when storytelling
  • How to deliver a story with all the elements needed to take your story from good to great
  • How you can avoid the biggest mistakes in storytelling, such as misusing marketing tools
  • Cool tricks, including immersive storytelling and expanding your medium
  • How to achieve results in working through modern mediums to impact the future of storytelling

Use this guide to storytelling as a sturdy foundation to change how you use stories.

You can build solid stories to support your goals in business and life. 

The provided examples are from some of the world’s greatest speakers, and storytellers, with advice from leading experts. 

From best-selling authors to generation-changing motivational speakers, this audiobook covers all the fundamentals of outstanding storytelling. 

It will help you deliver stories to audiences that will leave them personally affected and motivated.

So if you want to master storytelling so you can captivate people’s attention, then scroll up and click the “Buy Now” button!