Ride for 22

“Ride for 22” The mission states we will do three things:
1) Spread awareness of PTS and educate the public
2) Serve as a living memorial
3) Provide support and comfort to the loved ones left behind

We hope to accomplish this mission in several ways; participating in ride events, recruiting other riders to join us in raising awareness, being visible at events such as ride’s and health expos, networking families to help each other through the grieving process, help with ride registration fees for veterans battling PTS or the families of those who have lost the battle, share helpful resources to help those suffering or dealing with loss, and much more.

Our hope by raising awareness and educating the public is that we can help eliminate some of the stigmas that surround military PTS and allow for veterans to seek and receive the help and social support they so desperately need and reduce the number 22 to 0.


Combat Vet Vidion – https://www.facebook.com/CombatVetVision
Ride for 22 – https://www.ridefor22.org/

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