My Take is this, If we want to see change and instead of using the People of America as a leverage tool with money and AGENDAS Bipartisan, Ware is Republarats or Demacans.

What seems to me to be going on is Laws are made but our own Government is choosing to break those very laws. I am for most laws but without integrity they mean nothing.

I am for Legal Immigration but if you are for Whatever, and say yes on Sanctuary and mean truly mean it, then I’m for you as well with one thing in mind, You will open your house up for me and anyone who should want to stop by, Let me utilize your house and all that is there, to include your car, food, and gas all while you pay for it. This is just a few, I view myself as pretty open-minded but Practical as well.

Nobody wants gun laws but Background checks are good and only apply to reasonable Law Abiding citizens. Ware guns are illegal crime with guns are at there highest.
I want to give my take on the Impeachment of Press Trump, If I saw direct definitive proof of wrongdoing or directly indication Solely benefits his 2020 Campaign than I could say Impeach, However, I look at it like Wow The Bidens had this going on. Sounds like Money Laundering. Did Biden have the power to say I will have America Make a deal but in return, My Son sits a table drawing $50,000 a month?

I don’t have all the answers but a sweet deal like that should require some investigation Politically we can not ask. On a Job Interview, there are rules and a script is fallowed. but in the end, they ask is there anything else you might what us to know about you…… Do you ever disclose the bad stuff….. it is there but hidden. As long as it doesn’t affect the Job all is good, PTSD, ETOH, Drugs, Problems, I won’t always ask what’s wrong but I will ask what you are doing about it.

General T.S. Jones Outdoor Odyssey For Wounded Warrior Bn West (Job Interview training) good stuff… outdoorodyssey.org

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