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This is a weekly show, hosted by Eric Bell will discuss multiple topics in the world of Business Planning, Tax Mitigation, Risk Management, and Capital."

Finally a show for business and the people that own them. Our guests will share their expertise and decades of experience with you.

Business and Privately held Asset Valuation

By Brian | October 17, 2019

Cary discusses the process to determine the value of various assets such as businesses, business stock classes, and other business…

Fractional/Part-Time CFO in today’s Business

By Brian | October 15, 2019

A discussion around the importance of accurate financial records and reporting and how a CFO can help in the planning of a companies growth and diversification.

Wait... What? Financial Matters that Matter

Commercial Property and Casualty Business Insurance

By Brian | October 10, 2019

Discussion on Business insurance. Why a business owner should have it and how the different types can protect different facets of your business.

Wait... What? Financial Matters that Matter

Export Business Tax Benefits

By Brian | October 8, 2019

Discussion about an export tax credit called Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation (IC-DISC). David will discuss this and how to apply, the structure and how to receive the benefits if you are an exporter.

Wait... What? Financial Matters that Matter

Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans and the Business Owner

By Brian | October 3, 2019

Jim reveals how to apply for SBA loans, the challenges some business owners may face and how to move through the process.

Wait... What? Financial Matters that Matter

Succession Planning

By Brian | October 1, 2019

Fred discuss closely held and family owned business transition or succession challenges and what the next best steps are.

Wait... What? Financial Matters that Matter

New Marketing, Strategic Communication, and Crisis Communication

By Brian | September 26, 2019

LiRon discusses how small business on a tight budget can leverage their marketing, advertising, PR and the importance of crisis management with actionable steps.

Wait... What? Financial Matters that Matter

Restricted Property Trust

By Brian | September 24, 2019

David shares with the audience how a company’s owners can save money through life insurance with plan contributions 100% deductible.

Wait... What? Financial Matters that Matter

Cyber Security

By Brian | September 19, 2019

Abdi discusses the possible cyber threats to small and medium-sized businesses and what can be done to reduce the likelihood.

Wait... What? Financial Matters that Matter

Avenue to Capital

By Brian | September 17, 2019

Mike gives details on funding small businesses with the help of the state of CA through Small Business Development Corporation to create jobs and grow CA economy.

Wait... What? Financial Matters that Matter

Human Capital a Profit Center

By Brian | September 12, 2019

On this episode of Wait… What? Allison will discuss cost savings and risk shifting in the areas of health care and workers comp through Insperity.

Wait... What? Financial Matters that Matter

Your Estate …Your Business

By Brian | September 10, 2019

Bob discusses the overlaps of your business and how it relates to your estate, estate planning, Will & Living Trusts.