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Finally a show for business and the people that own them. Our guests will share their expertise and decades of experience with you.

Be Thankful… Happy Thanksgiving

By Brian | November 28, 2019

Eric Bell asks for two minutes of your time to speak on being thankful for what you have and your great resolve to push through hard times to build your business.

Employer-Employee, Protecting your business, A Legal perspective

By Brian | November 26, 2019

Teresa gives a legal look at hiring, firing and in between regarding harassment, discrimination to best protect a business and the owners.

Foreign National Market vs. Permanent Resident (Privacy and Tax)

By Brian | November 21, 2019

Cullen discusses the Foreign National market regarding tax, estate obligations in US. Privacy issues and the process. Why Life Insurance is a desired asset class.

Business to Business credit fee reductions for profitability

By Brian | November 19, 2019

Perryn Holtrop of Cardconnect discusses Business to Business credit card use, how fees are calculated, special pricing, how to qualify for special pricing, Gateways vs. Processors.

Your Parents Home A business Owners Partner

By Brian | November 14, 2019

David & Brooke, challenges experienced helping move parents to a different community and how their expertise in the space has been of great value.

Business Financing Lending

By Brian | November 12, 2019

Everett Sands, CEO of Lendistry, LLC discuss lending today, 5 years from now and suggestions for up and coming business owners looking for financing.

Health Care Insurance with Insurance KO

By Brian | November 7, 2019

Frank Garcia of Insurance KO discusses one of the employer’s biggest challenges …healthcare, group benefits, and gap insurance w/Aflac.

Commercial Real Estate from a Legal Perspective

By Brian | November 5, 2019

Javier Guiterrez, Partner at Stuart Kane discuss how the commercial real estate sector is performing, tenant preferences, opportunity zones, the health of brick and mortar and 2020.

Cigar Night Business Mixer Group (Networking Business Owners)

By Brian | October 31, 2019

John discusses the formation of the Cigar Business Network events held throughout So Cal and why. A non-sales environment.

Long Term Care Insurance and Disability Insurance – How they compare and differ

By Danny Meats | October 29, 2019

Shawn Bragdon of BGA discusses Long Term Care and Disability insurance. How they are different and what they are? Should you have one over the other or both and why?

Life Insurance Premium Finance – The Why and How

By Brian | October 24, 2019

Life Insurance Premium Financing is discussed regarding why it’s a consideration by many in a low interest rate environment. Who and how to qualify. How it can be used in business, for retirement, for a business owners estate and the terms around financing.

Buy/Sell Agreements Long Term Care and Disability

By Brian | October 22, 2019

Discussion around the purpose of a buy/sell agreement and why a business should have one to protect owners families in death, disability and dissolution of a business