A weekly insight into the world of emergency management and disaster preparedness made for everyone! The goal of the show is to provide useful insights and discussions made for everyone from the experienced professional to the casually interested listener.

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State of Emergency Podcast

Disaster Movies: Fact Vs. Fiction

By Brian | June 30, 2018

Facts and fiction from Hollywood disaster movies and what lessons we can learn from them.

State of Emergency Podcast

It’s hot out there. Planning for Heat-Related Emergencies

By Brian | June 24, 2018

Chuck and Daniel take advantage of the AC to discuss this week’s HOT topic, heat related emergencies and how to care for yourself as a first responder or citizen.

State of Emergency Podcast

The State of Disaster Preparedness

By Brian | June 17, 2018

In Episode 1 Chuck and Daniel discuss the current state of emergency preparedness both at the government level and for individuals in the community. Have we learned lessons from previous disasters are are we doomed to repeat the same mistakes?

State of Emergency Podcast

Welcome to the show!

By Brian | June 16, 2018

Meet the hosts, Chuck and Daniel and get the outline for the show!