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What is a City Manager?

July 13, 2020

Who runs the city, the city council or the city manager. This week the city of Westminster has put the hiring of a city manager on hold after finding out about some shady activities in his past.

Cultural Appropriations and the Statue Coming Down

July 6, 2020

The cultural battle of what belongs in our public spaces. Are these political opportunists or is the public voicing their position with the takedown?

Does the VP Matter?

June 29, 2020

Does choosing the right VP candidate help the election of the President of the United States. We will discuss this today on The OC Politics Show.

Toll Roads or Road Rage

June 22, 2020

We are discussing the battle over the 241 and where it will end. The South County Cities do not want the expansion to the 5 and is looks like they won that battle, however, what does SB 1373 mean for the county?

So You Want to be President?

June 15, 2020

The Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Dr. Jo Jorgensen about why she is the best candidate for the President of the United States of America.

Unions and Elections

June 8, 2020

This week we are discussing money and politics and the role Unions have in shaping our elections. Is it time for reforming our local political system?

Police – Protesters and Looters: What are the solutions and Policies for the future?

June 1, 2020

Today we are delving into the political side of the current situation facing our nation, police brutality, diversity, socioeconomic issues.

Santa Ana Recall Political Corruption or Union Hit Job

May 18, 2020

This week we are talking about the Santa Ana Recall effort. As I did the research on this recall, it became clear that there is an onion that needs to have every layer inspected.

The Reopening, how will it work?

May 11, 2020

Todd on The OC Politics Show we discuss headlines and how they impact the county and the city that you live, work, or play in.

Orange County Braces For a Showdown with Governor Newsom

May 4, 2020

Today we are delving into the political showdown over the COVID-19 response, and OC Cities taking on the Governor Newsom.

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