A Bravo Charlie Ready Podcast, The All-Hazards Show with Jessica LaBerge will focus on an "All Hazards" approach to Emergency Management. Interviews bringing you First-Hand experience from those immersed in the field of Emergency Management.

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The BCR All Hazards Preparedness Show

Global Business Continuity

By Brian | October 1, 2019

Zack discusses with us what the Global role looks like in the private sector. Unique challenges, frameworks, lessons learned and more.

The BCR All Hazards Preparedness Show

Colorado’s Training & Exercise Planning Tools

By Brian | September 24, 2019

Nowell walks us through the importance and dynamics associated with having a strong local plan for your training & exercise calendar. What state resources are available to the locals for assistance and how it’s better preparing Colorado for real-world incidents.

The BCR All Hazards Preparedness Show

KS IMT & EOC – Tools and resources

By Brian | September 17, 2019

Tom Winters – KS IMT Duty Officer/Call out organizer; Training and Deployments, Virtual Solutions to Emergency Operations Center management and operations.

The BCR All Hazards Preparedness Show

USGS ShakeAlert with Bob de Groot

By Brian | August 27, 2019

Bob de Groot explains the ShakeAlert System that the USGS is utilizing in conjunction with State resources to give early warning for earthquakes along the west coast. Join us in this very interesting discussion as we dive into the current and future applications for these tools.

The BCR All Hazards Preparedness Show

Wildland Fire Response and Resources with City of Boulder, CO

By Brian | July 23, 2019

In this episode we talk with Dave Zader about how the department and collaborators utilize a living version of their Structure Protection Plan.

The BCR All Hazards Preparedness Show

All Hazards Airport

By Brian | July 3, 2019

In this episode, we’ll talk with the Emergency Program Senior Manager for the Port of Portland.