Predicting Catastrophic Flooding With AI

EP 50 Predicting Catastrophic Flooding With Pioneering AI

By EM Weekly | March 1, 2018

So, our goal with this flood AI is to– can we create an intelligent system, an artificial intelligence system to better communicate this information? As if you are talking to a flood expert.

Turn the Ship Around" Applying "I Intend to", To Your Team

EP 49 "Turn the Ship Around" Applying "I Intend to", To Your Team

By EM Weekly | February 22, 2018

First it’s, well, what do you see? What do you think? What would you like to do? What would you like to do means, you still need to get my permission to do it. But then when you say, “I intend to,” that means all you need to do is not get a no.

"Raven Rock" The American Plan to Survive a Nuclear Strike

EP 48 "Raven Rock" The American Plan to Survive a Nuclear Strike

By EM Weekly | February 15, 2018

That, to me, was one of the scariest things that I uncovered in the book. Was this (inaudible). The ideas that actually there is a very active constitutional debate over whether the speaker of the house of the president pro tem of the senate can actually ascend to the president.

Rapid Shelter Solutions

EP 47 Rapid Shelter Solutions

By EM Weekly | February 8, 2018

We have the same mission as these first responders do, we’re here to serve and help. So, if we can do anything in that regard, you know, we can help out by actually being on the ground during disasters, we can help just being there, you know? We like to be put to work.

EP 46 Is Your Water Safe

By EM Weekly | February 1, 2018

Just to give you a feel for how colony forming communities work. If you’re drinking water out of your tap, at home, it’s usually between 5 and 110 colony-forming units per milliliter. If you’re drinking from a pond, for example, it’s about 4,000 to 10,000, roughly.

EP 45 Training and Exercises With The Blue Cell

By EM Weekly | January 25, 2018

In exercise, there has to be some level of discovery. And discovery is one of those nice words that gets away from chastising, gets us away from chastising folks, and probably lightens that anxiety a little bit. Because who doesn’t want to discover something about themselves?

EP 44 The Direction of FEMA with Brock Long

By EM Weekly | January 18, 2018

obviously, with IPAWS, that is definitely on the radar screen of those inside FEMA that are administrating the IPAWS program. It is a true program that we face, and a dynamic one; it’s going to continue to change, as technology goes forward. And so, some of the discussions inside FEMA now are, for example

EP 43 Veterans Issues and Resources

By EM Weekly | January 11, 2018

This week is a unique episode, we’re actually doing three separate interviews, and it’s around the theme of veteran services. And why is that an emergency management issue? It’s debatable, right? So, you have the increase in homeless veteran population around the country, you have the 22 every day, where veterans are killing themselves.

EP 42 Thinking, Acting, Communicating Starting with Why

By EM Weekly | January 4, 2018

Leadership is about creating that context, and context is about creating simplicity. And simplicity starts with Why. What’s our higher purpose? How does what we’re doing fit in to delivering on that higher purpose? And that’s when you can unlock potential, when you can unlock huge energy within your team, even in very, very desperate, demanding times.

EP 41 Communicating to the Masses Lessons From a Spy

By EM Weekly | December 28, 2017

I one time flew a C-5 out of Travis’ Airforce Base. You know, I got long hair, you know, good shape, running around. They’re like: are you with this cargo? And they point, and it’s a bunch of zodiacs, like six of them. And I look, and I go: no. No one believes me, you know?