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Hosted by Todd De Voe and we are all about bringing news, interviews discussing trends and issues that impact Emergency Management, First Responder’s, military, education, public safety, communications, disaster volunteer organizations, public health, humanitarian groups, NGOs, professionals, students, and researchers. In support of the Show EM Weekly also offers a Blog for those who would rather read our episodes weekly and have access to additional content not discussed in the Show.

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Mass Communications with Titan HST

By EM Weekly | April 5, 2017

Todd De Voe interviews Vic Merjanian the creator of Titan HST, technology to improve mass communications during an emergency.

Kevin Bigelow, Functional Needs

By EM Weekly | April 5, 2017

Interview with Kevin Bigelow, formerly emergency manager, Social Services, Orange County, CA. Discussing persons with mobility and functional needs issues.

EMWeekly, What EM Weekly is all About

By EM Weekly | April 5, 2017

So, what is my experience in EM? what did I do? How did I get there? Well, I worked for a while for a couple of local cities, and the reason why I’m kind of being vague on the cities is that… not that I’m ashamed of what I did or anything like that, I just don’t really have the permission to talk about this in the setting here, but you could probably Google me …

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