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Hosted by Todd De Voe and we are all about bringing news, interviews discussing trends and issues that impact Emergency Management, First Responder’s, military, education, public safety, communications, disaster volunteer organizations, public health, humanitarian groups, NGOs, professionals, students, and researchers. In support of the Show EM Weekly also offers a Blog for those who would rather read our episodes weekly and have access to additional content not discussed in the Show.

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Women of Emergency Management with Donna Boston

By EM Weekly | August 17, 2017

On this episode of EM Weekly, Donna Boston is from Orange County, she is basically the emergency manager for the entire county.

Disaster Heroes with Suzanne Bernier

By EM Weekly | August 10, 2017

“The Power to Recover”, and it’s a dive to managing trauma in your workplace. Specifically, it could be anything, but active intruder…

Insights of a FEMA Administrator

By EM Weekly | August 3, 2017

are they EOCs or are they multi-agency coordination centers, and I tried to differentiate, and an EOC is where the elected authority and who is authorized to execute that authority in an emergency…

Business Continuity with Dr. Lisandra Pagan

By EM Weekly | July 27, 2017

I think it’s just that label, what really keeps people from taking action. Because they don’t wanna be labelled, especially if you’re a minority, you don’t wanna have an extra label on your back.

Active Shooter, Lessons Learned

By EM Weekly | July 20, 2017

It’s one of those “simple”, and I say that through tongue and cheek, simple things like radios. That really helps.

Preparing The Community With Jenifer Stewart

By EM Weekly | July 13, 2017

[TODD DEVOE] Hi, this is Todd DeVoe with EM Weekly, and today we have a special guest with us. Her…

Public Access First Aid with Seth Goldstein

By EM Weekly | July 6, 2017

It’s the right equipment in the right hands at the right time, it’s what makes a difference. And it doesn’t matter if he’s a surgeon or just a bystander that gets just in time training…

The State of Emergency Management with George Whitney

By EM Weekly | June 29, 2017

Yes. We could spend a whole hour probably talking about exercise design and stuff. But one of the things that I hate most about going to exercises is when people either program…

Engaging Senior Leadership In Emergency Management

By EM Weekly | June 22, 2017

So, I do see this as a time of extraordinary turbulence, and I think over history, we go through them. There are periods that are more stable, and then you get turbulent…

“EM on the College Campus” Randy Styner

By EM Weekly | June 15, 2017

Well, it’s all about communication, and the ability to get information out. It’s the same issue that any jurisdiction has…

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