"Disaster Heroes - the Podcast" is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by international crisis management consultant and author Suzanne Bernier, based on her critically-acclaimed book, 'Disaster Heroes'. During each episode, the host, a former journalist and news anchor will highlight and interview everyday people who have done or continue to do extraordinary things following disasters.

For every disaster reported in the media, there are thousands of inspiring and uplifting stories we don’t ever hear about. Disaster Heroes helps to bring some of these stories to you, not only to highlight some of these helpers and heroes from around the world, but also to remind us all that 'there is a hero in each of us'.

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If You Plant Them, They Will Grow – The 9/11 World Trade Center Oak Project

By Brian | January 6, 2020

On this first episode of Disaster Heroes – The Podcast, we speak with Chris Hopcraft, the founder of the World Trade Center Oak Project, who tells us about a very special 9/11 project he created to provide hope, healing, and to honor…