Aaron Q. Seibert having 3 Combat tours now serves as a Wounded Warrior Liaison, Vice President of the Warrior Built Foundation and heads the West Coast offices of the PTSD Foundation of America providing Peer-to-Peer PTSD Discussion. Aaron is a Keynote speaker for multiple Military, Civilian and non-profit organizations in supporting the needs of our Combat Veterans and educating the public.

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Bringing his experiences and expertise to the Public he has launched “Combat Vet Vision”, An on-demand internet radio show to expand his reach with the goal of helping more and more Vet’s.

Ask Not What

By Brian | December 30, 2019

We ask for a lot and expect even more. What are you and I doing to make our lives a little better or worse?

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Dustin Slade, US Army Afghanistan, Bike Team

By Brian | December 23, 2019

Dustin Slade, US Army, Infantry, about to ride for Warrior Built in the Best In The Desert series. Army Infantry, finding passion in riding. Pushing for new opportunities and helping along the way.

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Holiday Season

By Brian | December 9, 2019

Holiday Season: Suicide, hard to attach and interact with Family, Expectations, Connections and associations, Battle Buddy’s, Disconnected.

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Michael Amato U.S. Army

By Brian | November 25, 2019

U.S. Army combat veteran, Afghanistan, Upbringing, Triggers, Relationships, and the Warrior Built Brotherhood.

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One Bad Day

By Brian | November 18, 2019

Combat and Training changes you & thought process change, things start to ramp up to the reality of pending doom and the end for you or someone you know.

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Veterans Day

By Brian | November 11, 2019

11Nov1918 to Honor the bravery and sacrifice of all U.S. veterans. Everyone is out.

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By Brian | November 4, 2019

From Bootcamp to Combat to Society. Change and adaptation through it all. Pushups together in Bootcamp doing translates to life and death trust in Combat

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By Brian | October 28, 2019

This week “Chief” dives into the importance of kindness. As Vet’s, especially interacting with civilians it can be a bit difficult, but the importance of kindness needs to factor into our communications.

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Ramon Andino, Battle Buddy

By Brian | October 21, 2019

Talking about USN and Corpsman Life with the Marine Corps. History with Aaron Seibert at NHCP, Depression, PTSD, Cancer, and his journey.

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Jason “Crash” Jensen

By Brian | October 14, 2019

This week we talk to Jason “Crash” Jensen aka “CrashJensen” a retired United States Marine Corps Combat Illustrator/Photographer.

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Moving and starting over “Halfway There”

By Brian | October 7, 2019

The story, Wife has a plan, a want a need, a reason. My Compromise, 1 Week on the market. Escrow on our house to sell and the one we want to buy, The stars Align but the work is a lot. The Half Move and all is well. the Temp Life

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Yves Pinkowitz Sponsor Supporter of Warrior Built and “T It Up For The Troops”

By Brian | September 30, 2019

A great supporter of our Troops, The Warrior Built Foundation, PTSD Foundation of America and T It Up for the Troops, Yves Pinkowitz.

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