Aaron Q. Seibert having 3 Combat tours now serves as a Wounded Warrior Liaison, Vice President of the Warrior Built Foundation and heads the West Coast offices of the PTSD Foundation of America providing Peer-to-Peer PTSD Discussion. Aaron is a Keynote speaker for multiple Military, Civilian and non-profit organizations in supporting the needs of our Combat Veterans and educating the public.

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Bringing his experiences and expertise to the Public he has launched “Combat Vet Vision”, An on-demand internet radio show to expand his reach with the goal of helping more and more Vet’s.

Operation Silver Star with Richard Delo

By Brian | September 14, 2020

Operation Silver Star is a nonprofit organization helping our combat veterans troops and their families with urgently needed financial assistance.

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By Brian | September 7, 2020

In the military and in war we had very structured purpose, rules, orders, times, places, Missions, tactics, People (Troops) Jobs…

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US Army Michael Amato

By Brian | August 31, 2020

Michael Amato, US Army 2007-2010 Afghanistan 08/09. Infantry 101st Dog Co, 2nd of the 506th. Dealing with a lot from childhood to combat and buddies committing Suicide. finding a way to move forward in a positive way.

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PTSD Foundation of America “Camp Hope”

By Brian | August 24, 2020

Ben Green PTSD Foundation Of America “Camp Hope”, His experience, his reason to be at Camp Hope. His story

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Elements Health Club, (Hero Program) South Lake Tahoe

By Brian | August 17, 2020

Fitness, Combat Vet, and Vet Support, Veteran-Owned, Help in a variety of ways and ongoing and new modalities of support for our Veterans and Community

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SoCal Chapter of the PTSD Foundation of America

By Brian | August 10, 2020

Ed’s Story and what we as the Socal Chapter of The PTSD Foundation of America are doing to support our Combat Vets.

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By Brian | August 3, 2020

Appreciation Thank you for your service! I am happy it is said it is done so, because you mean it, it’s the thing to say or its just words.

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Passion and Purpose

By Brian | July 27, 2020

You were the most important piece of gear on the planet, you had people depending on you for life and death, life is short, the loss is happening, you had much responsibility, camaraderie, respect, and support.

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Ride for 22

By Brian | July 20, 2020

“Ride for 22” The mission states we will do three things: 1) Spread awareness of PTS and educate the public 2) Serve as a living memorial…

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My mind and how it ticks…..

By Brian | July 13, 2020

When War Experience Meets civilian needs and adjustment for culture, Times, threats, and society, Life is short becomes reality, Hope (Is not a plan)

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Project Refit James Corbett

By Brian | July 6, 2020

Facebook Live type Warrior Groups: Project Refit’s story begins in the valleys of Afghanistan in 2014. Daniel Lombard, Co-Founder of Project Refit, was involved in two IED explosions. The worst of his injuries were TBI and PTSD. But, there was another story, one of leadership, that had been unfolding for years before this.

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Communication and Understanding Changes in Ourselves

By Brian | June 29, 2020

Confusion in the news, Personal and political agenda, pictures Video, upbringing, Religious beliefs, Beliefs in general, tolerance and changing environment.

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