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Our goal is to build community, encourage others to be active and engage with others living with a chronic condition in a supportive manner. 

If you are the type that wants to take it to the next level Join In!
This on-line Community will engage, share and collaborate on Physical Activities like; Hiking, Cycling, Walking, Running, a little bit of everything. As long as it promotes engaging in an active lifestyle despite your diagnosis.

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Your Hosts:

Lupe has been living with Sjogren's Syndrome for 11+ years, most recently was diagnosed with Hashimotos. Learn Tips and Tricks for fighting through pain and extreme fatigue.

Brian is a disabled vet fighting through the pain and discomfort of a TBI among other issues, like obesity. Join in as he re-kindles the warrior mindset to shed the pounds and motivate you on this journey.

We know the importance of exercising and being active. But we also understand the challenges one faces when living with a chronic condition. We can help hold each other accountable here.

We are taking it to the next level and sharing this uncomfortable and sometimes painful, journey in a public manner with you via a Podcast (Every Other Episode is FREE), on Instagram and for those of you who want all of it, to include video, support the show by becoming a Patron on Patreon.