“A Leaders Call” a show that will discuss King David and how his life relates to modern day leadership. Discussion led by Michael P. Waterman, Author.

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A Leaders Call by Michael P. Waterman

An Introduction to A Leader’s Call by Michael P. Waterman

By Brian | June 18, 2019

Author Michael P. Waterman introduces “A Leader’s Call.” The dedication and glossary are shared with you by friends in Christ.

A Leaders Call by Michael P. Waterman

Happy Fathers Day

By Brian | June 16, 2019

Michael P. Waterman discusses the Love of the Father, God! Examining the parable of the Prodigal Son.

A Leaders Call by Michael P. Waterman

A Leaders Call

By Brian | June 11, 2019

In our present society, it is increasingly rare to find a leader in any area of life who is known to have noble character and great integrity. Michael P. Waterman leads discussions about King David, known as a man after the heart of God.

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