“A Leaders Call” a show that will discuss King David and how his life relates to modern-day leadership. Discussion led by Michael P. Waterman, Author.

This podcast is a companion to the book "A Leaders Call" written by the host of the show.

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David: A Man after the Heart of God

By Brian | January 9, 2020

A Man after the Heart of God:
We finish our study in the life of King David by examining how he went out. After experiencing the pain and suffering in the last chapter, David got back on track with the Lord.

The Sword Shall Not Depart

By Brian | January 2, 2020

The Sword Shall not Depart. In this episode, the destruction as a result of compromise and corruption will be made abundantly clear. The life of King David would never be the same.

Jesus: Light of the World

By Brian | December 25, 2019

Author Michael P. Waterman prepares our hearts for Christmas. In this show, the heart of Christmas is examined.

The Grace of God

By Brian | December 18, 2019

In this episode, the actions of David are confronted by the Prophet Nathan. The heart of David, the obedience of Nathan, and the grace of God will be revealed.

The Fall of David

By Brian | December 11, 2019

In this episode, the road to devastation will be examined. David, in a time of war, stayed at home and was bored. He lusted, pursued, and committed adultery with Bathsheeba.

The Temple of the Almighty

By Brian | December 4, 2019

Author Michael P. Waterman continues the study of “A Leader’s Call”, examining Chapter 13, The Temple of the Almighty: In this episode, the heart of a true believer will be shown. King David exhibits the heart of gratitude and humility that we all need to emulate.

Obedience is Key

By Brian | November 27, 2019

Michael P. Waterman continues the study of “A Leader’s Call”, Chapter 12: Obedience is Key. In this episode, the importance of obedience will be reviewed.

Coronation Day

By Brian | November 20, 2019

David’s Coronation. After years of living on the run, and being prepared through suffering, rejection, feeling alone, and intense isolation, David became king.
It will be a time of reflection

David Turns Away from God

By Brian | November 13, 2019

Author Michael P. Waterman continues, “A Leader’s Call”, examining Chapter 9, David Turns away from God. In this episode, David lost it.