New Year New You? Being a Healthy EM

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In a lot of the nutrition plans that actually are effective are based on the foundation of civilization where you ate like Paleo or Keto or intermittent fasting, which are very trendy right now. They’re very effective. I’m an advocate of all of those types of eating styles. If you look at the foundations of civilization, that’s how people ate. They ate whole grain. They ate fresh, minimally processed, not a lot of starchy carbs, not a lot of sugars. They didn’t have your juices in your sodas and your energy drinks and all that stuff.

Todd DeVoe:      Hi and welcome to EM Weekly, and this is your host, Todd DeVoe. Speaking, since it’s the new year, I think that it’s a time we talk fitness and not because it’s a new year’s resolution. I just think it’s a good time to talk fitness. To be transparent, I need to lose a few pounds. I want to say a few, probably close to 50. You know, it’s one of my goals and it’s not a new years resolution. Just let you guys let you know because I’ve been doing this, eating healthier, eating cleaner, hitting some hikes and stuff since October, had a little break during the holidays and I’m back on it again. And so it’s not necessarily a new year’s resolution. It’s a new way of being healthy. And I think that’s really important. And this guest that I have here on today is the founder of Team Fit For Duty and it’s really a fitness program set around first responders, dispatchers, emergency managers know us.

Todd DeVoe:      Brian and I have been talking about the fact that if you’re not fit for duty, how can you serve the community? And so I hope you get something out of this interview and you know, start getting fit. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others. Before we get into the interview. I’ve been of late, really kind of a going after those that have been placed into the role of emergency management and aren’t emergency managers. And it’s really not, not their fault, it’s a policy’s fault. It’s the politician’s fault, city manager’s fault, the system’s fault. And I don’t want those that are taking that role to think I’m attacking you guys personally. It’s not personal. And a matter of fact, I want you guys to contact me and let me know how we can help you do emergency management better.

Todd DeVoe:      Go ahead and shoot me an email and tell me what your pain points are. What are the things that when you walk into the job, you go, I don’t know what I’m doing, who do I reach out to and you can reach out to us and I think that’s really going to be really kind of important because you’re on the assignment because you are getting a promotion or you want to get a promotion and this is a way to get there. Or it’s a collateral duty. And I know that didn’t go into the fire department to be an EM. I know you didn’t become a police officer to be an EM I know you didn’t become a paramedic to be an EM. Those things kind of get put on your lap, but we’re here to help you and to, for you to learn about being an emergency manager.

Todd DeVoe:      And a lot of it has to do also, you know, Brock Long in his interview here in 2019, was talking about the fact that we need to have a stronger brotherhood, stronger fellowship in the world of emergency management and helping each other out because we are one team. We have one mission and it is to serve the public and it’s not to be petty with each other. Not that I’m saying that I will not get off my soapbox when it comes to thinking that we need to have more credentialing and that we need to have more people that want to be emergency managers and the role of emergency management and not that the city managers or the mayors or the politicians or the system needs to recognize that and put that person in there. But you are sitting there today and what are your pain points?

Todd DeVoe:      Email me and we’ll, uh, we’ll talk about it. Donna Boston the emergency manager for Orange County, California made a great point the other day and for emergency managers this year we should have a theme and the theme should be uplifting and it should be about helping each other. And so this year’s theme I think is great, and Donna kind of said this the other day is the unity of effort and it piggybacks on, like I said it about what Brock Long was talking about and therefore I think that’s what we should do. And so yes, if you are an EM that or if you are a, a collateral duty person, fill in the role of ESM, reach out to us, tell us what your pain points are, how we can help you and we’ll answer those questions and do a show on it, you know, and it takes leadership to be able , to work through that.

Todd DeVoe:      And if you see yourself as a leader, you need to join EM Weekly at the emergency management leaders conference. This May 29th and 30th in Phoenix, Arizona. And it’s going to be at the Great Grand Hotel, the Arizona Grand Hotel. So we’re looking forward to that and we’ll be broadcasting live. I’m on Sitch Radio. I hope to see you there. And Man, speaking of that, I better get a better start getting in shape because I want to look good for you guys and I’m standing on stage with a suit on and I don’t really like suits and ties, you know. But I better get in shape for that. So, let’s get on with the interview.

Todd DeVoe:      That’s awesome. I have Tamrin Olden here with me and we’re going to talk about fitness and Tamrin has a company called Team Fit For Duty and really focusing on the public safety sector fitness. And I’ll tell you something, I mean I’m a little bit around in the belly area here, trying to lose some weight here, you know, eating healthy and as hard or as emergency managers. We sit at our desk all day long, we eat like crap and then you know, next thing you know, you’re 30, 40 pounds overweight. So Tamrins here is talk about how we can be healthy because if we’re not healthy, how can we be ready to activate in an emergency operation center for long sustained times of 12 hour shifts and really be able to do our job in a healthy way. So Tamrin so welcome to EM Weekly.

Tamrin Olden:    Thank you so much for having me. I think it was kind of cool. Just fate that we ended up talking to each other and finding out that we both had common interests, common aspirations, really enjoyed keeping the community informed on different things. So thank you so much. It’s a pleasure to be on the show.

Todd DeVoe:      Awesome. So Tamrin , how did you get involved in, you know, what you’re doing with the Team Fit For Duty and public safety.

Tamrin Olden:    So, I’m a civilian supervisor here at a police department in Southern California. I also do our department’s PIO public information officer and I went to a PIO school years ago, I think it was in 2015 and met someone who did website stuff. So we kind of were chatting a little bit and I just started, I just had my second child, I was just starting to get into fitness and , fast forward a year later, , the gentleman there, Mike, who’s now my business partner and co-owner at Team Fit For Duty called me, he said, hey, I remember because we would always chat back and forth about, you know, give each other tips and resources for PIO and social media stuff. And you said, hey, I remember you were really getting into fitness stuff. You talked about that when we met you were getting ready to compete and you said I am sick and tired.

Tamrin Olden:    He’s a police officer., sorry, I forgot to mention that. Also PIO, He worked patrol and he worked as a school resource officer. Said, I’m tired of feeling the way that I do. I’m tired of feeling like I’m going to die of a heart attack when I’m going up and downstairs that when I get in and out of my car that I, I can’t breathe. Like I’m the one that people call for help. And I go and I show up looking like this where I’m physically limited and I’m a danger to myself and, you know, how can I help someone else when I can’t even take care of myself. He said, I like what you’re doing. I do web development and I think we should partner and we should do something for our public safety first responder community because I know that it’s an issue and it is a statistic show that a lot of the positions that are sedentary positions like mine, like dispatch, , a lot of the administrative positions, emergency managers, they’re very sedentary, they’re stressed shift work.

Tamrin Olden:    I mean the schedules, you name it and it’s like they’re setting you up to fail. And then, you know, of course, those who are out on the field, your public safety or police, your fire they’re out there constantly having to be faced with, you know, stressed with danger. They hardly have time to eat. They’re tired all the time. Just balancing life and it’s a huge issue. They always say, you know, kind of like the freshman 15 when you get in college, you know, it happens, you know, people will say, Oh, back in the academy days, you know, back in boot camp days I was, you know, eight percent body fat and my leanest, do you know? And then what happens? Life happens. Stress happens for me was having kids. And for those of you who are parents, because I know guys sympathy weight, I know that comes along with it.

Tamrin Olden:    But for me it’s like I lost myself when I became pregnant with my first. I gained a lot of weight. I had a lot of health issues during the pregnancy which limited me and you know, when I take ownership I was being irresponsible and taking the opportunity to eat what I wanted to do. And you know, so I lost confidence. I became negative. I became very insecure. I became a person that I didn’t want to be and where I didn’t want to go do things where it felt uncomfortable. And I just finally realized after I had my second child, you know, you choose to be this way, you know, why are you being negative and hating on people who are healthy, who were fit. I look at them and go, oh yeah, well that’s because it’ll work full time. And had kids. Oh, that’s genetic.

Tamrin Olden:    So that, you know, because it’s, I’m feeling sorry for myself and I’m making excuses and now I can look back and laugh and realize those behaviors. But I decided to do something about it and thanks to my business partner who reached out to me and said, hey, you know, let’s work together and let’s do something about it. So that’s where Team Fit For Duty came along. I started doing online training. I was kind of doing it, just helping friends because a bunch of officers at work, their spouses or dispatchers would reach out to me and I’d help them with male plans, workout plans. And I said, all right, let’s do this. So we started Team Fit For Duty. And then a year later we started the Bolo podcast, which is our venue to be able to communicate about different public safety issues and also, health and fitness.

Todd DeVoe:      That’s awesome. So I guess most of us are in this business know how to work out. We know how to throw on some good running shoes and take a walk. We know how to do the things, but it’s the idea of like, what to do. Right.

Tamrin Olden:    It’s information overload. Now social media, YouTube, I mean, you Google everything, right? You don’t know what to do. Yeah.

Todd DeVoe:      And so we just don’t do it.

Tamrin Olden:    Exactly. It’s too complicated. I just want to do anything.

Todd DeVoe:      Know what this is my favorite one. This is, this is me speaking, right? I’m like, okay, Monday I’m going to start Monday, start Monday, Monday on Monday, and it’s like crowded. And you’re like, ah, machines are all taken. Wow, I’m really doing this. And then you kind of walk away from that. So how do we go from this situation to where we know starting on Monday, we’re going to start today and then how can, what should we do on day one and what can we do? They were, you know, like we are out of shape completely and maybe we’re not ready to go to a gym. What can we do to kind of get started?

Tamrin Olden:    Right. So I know what’s very common for a lot of people who haven’t worked out in a long time or especially females, they don’t like public gems. They’re embarrassed of their insecurity. It can be intimidating. I mean, I went through the same thing where I used to work out in college a lot, and then I just kind of stopped in, but getting back into it, you know, not really knowing what to do, am I going to look db? Am I going to be on Jim fails on Instagram? I mean, those are pretty funny, but you know, and am I doing the right thing, you know, you know, is this what I’m supposed to be doing, you know, you know, three, 10 reps, three sets many ways, right, right. What do you do? So, I always tell people baby steps one. Well actually first thing is you have to be committed.

Tamrin Olden:    How bad do you want it? Are you tired of feeling the way that you do or you’re tired of the way that your clothes fit? Are you tired of feeling insecure? Are you tired of not wanting to do things because you feel good about yourself? Are you tired of being tired and you have to choose the right quality of life for you? And I always tell people it’s not vanity. I don’t care how it looks different to different people and different body types people. And I tell people how much I weigh, no way, no way that much and it because I don’t care about weight and my body type is different than your body type. You know, someone that looks 120 pounds might not be healthy because of their habits, because of genetics, maybe even that. They’re prone to certain things.

Tamrin Olden:    And then you have someone who could be a woman. You could be 170. My one of my girlfriends in amazing shape. She’s 170 pounds, which for our female about, she’s like five, five about me that you would think that’s heavy, right? But she’s not so, so you don’t focus on that focus on health and what that looks like for you and quality of life.

Tamrin Olden:    One of the things I distinctly remember taking my kids to Vegas, they loved going to Circus Circus going on the ride. I hate that place. I go because my kids like it. Right? So we get the wristbands and were there all day and I’m sitting there and the boys, mommy go on the rides with me, go on this with me and I’m very active with my kids while I’m going down slides with them. I’m cramming a cross monkey bars with them on, in squeezing my butt in the little carts with them so like can go on the rides and you know, having those moments with the kids and I’m looking over and like I said, it’s no offense to people because of their physical stature because they’re overweight because they’re obese.

Tamrin Olden:    They can’t do those things. They’re sitting on the bench watching, you know, their kids are going and doing their things. This doesn’t mean they’re a bad parent. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but it’s quality of life that they physically can’t go do some of the things. And for me, I want to create every moment and have every opportunity to experience with my kids. So that’s my motivation. So number one is find your motivation to start with baby steps. I’m bodyweight exercises are great. I mean there are times where I travel and the hotel gyms are usually pretty crappy, so I’ll just do body weight exercises in my room and I actually have a free bodyweight download on Team Fit For I believe it’s on the home page that has a full week’s program of bodyweight training that requires zero equipment and I’m telling you, doing a 15 minute circuit of burpees, pushups, sit ups, jp squats. You’re dying.

Todd DeVoe:      I hate burpees.

Tamrin Olden:    Oh, does anyone even like those? I don’t think anybody likes those. Oh, I hate those was probably. I’ll do pushups all day. Pull ups, burpees no. But just doing those, you work up a sweat, it’s convenient and especially those, maybe you don’t want to go to a gym or maybe you don’t have access to a gym. Gyms can be expensive and maybe you don’t have one close to you. , maybe childcare. I know my husband’s an officer, he works shift work as well. So depending on what shift he’s on, I can’t go because I’m with the kids, so you know, get my butt up 20 minutes earlier, go downstairs in the living room so I don’t wake up the kids and do a quick circuit.

Todd DeVoe:      So you don’t have to buy like the $15,000 bow flex that ends up being a coat rack.

Tamrin Olden:    Coat rock and collects dust, I used to have one and that’s exactly what mine was. And another thing that I recommend, like I have now purchased some gym equipment, but I just got a resistance band set. Oh my gosh. Those. And having a little travel kit so I can bring the bands with me if I need to. But a little bit of resistance, I mean, does wonders. So start little by little, there’s different apps out there that has different resources and guides. I remember I used to, I bought … download a workout program online from one of the fitness trainers that I follow, but I didn’t know how to do the exercises so I would google them and I’d sit there and I watched the video and I look at the, okay, you have to put your leg here, you’ve got to lock in the machine, you’ve got to make sure you doing this, your range of motion, this is how you grip it.

Tamrin Olden:    And then I would go and do it and I’d be watching the video, making sure I’m doing it right and I just taught myself because I was motivated and I instead of using the excuse, I don’t know how to do that. I took the time to educate myself because it’s important to me. So start slowly introducing those things. Now on the eating side, they always say abs are made in the kitchen fast. Food is easy. It’s not healthy, it’s cheaper. They like set you up. I know and it’s like you can go have a meal for like two bucks, you know, fast food, but make wise choices. Cutting out sugars is huge. Sugars, do so many horrible things to your body and just cutting out sugars, increasing your water intake, intake and start replacing your foods that are processed with things that are healthy, homemade, more natural, your lean proteins, your minimally processed foods, so you want stuff that’s made fresh, even if it’s not homemade, if it’s made fresh, there’s meal prep services. I’m just calling. You could go get a bowl, you know, I mean it’s better than some of the other stuff that’s out there. So just start cleaning up your diet or changing things out and you’ll start seeing noticeable changes.

Todd DeVoe:      I forgot who said it. There was some guy who I was listing to and he was talking about eating healthy and he said when he go to the grocery store and never shop on the inside aisles, you know, he’s basically saying stay on the outside of your fresh everything. Yeah. And I thought about that one time in the back of my mind right now. You go to the grocery market, you’re like absolutely go outside. You start with a fresh meats. It got the fresh vegetables and vegetable section saw out there. You don’t have to ever go into the center and get like, although that’s where the fun stuff is. Or the potato chips are your sodas, ice creams and stuff like that. All the danger foods. So. Okay. So here you are. You’re going, okay, I’m going to eat healthy. I’m jumping on your website, getting some cool recipes, kind of meal prepping for the week and eating healthy. And then I’m like, okay, good. So there’s step one. Okay. So then step two is finding some of those exercises that you can do even maybe at your desk.

Tamrin Olden:    Absolutely. Get up and stretch. How many times, and this is me slouched over my desk not getting up. Your back’s hurting, your blood flows. Not going into my legs will go numb, you know, and I’ll go get, get up, go walk around, you know, maybe just go say hi to people, go walk over to the other side of building to dispatch, you know, make sure you’re, , you’re staying active is so easy because your task driven. We are so busy. There are times where literally I didn’t, you know, I’m about to pee my pants, but I’m like, no, I got to finish this task. And you’re sitting there, you got to finish because you’re, you’re so focused on that. But if you know what I, what I’ve come to realize is that when you take better care of yourself, you are more sharp, you’re more efficient, you’re less tired.

Tamrin Olden:    So taking maybe 15, 20 minutes of your day to do something healthy and productive actually makes you more efficient with your day, where you’re not. It’s not taking away from your ability to get your job done because you’re more efficient, you’re more focused, you have more clarity when you aren’t doing your job. So you do it a little bit faster, you do it a little bit better. You improve your efficiency overall, so you know taking that time to invest in yourself because you either invest now or you’re going to be forced to invest being physically limited on things, disease, injury, that’s huge. And public safety injuries, huge medical bills are going to be required to invest financially. So invest now on your own terms versus being forced to later

Todd DeVoe:      you. We were at this event here in listening to one of the speakers and he’s talking about your goals and setting goals. This

Tamrin Olden:    great speech.

Todd DeVoe:      And I wrote down, one of my goals was my daughter. She’s turning six and a couple of weeks and my goal was to watch my daughter get married, you know, and, and, and so I mean and like that’s my motivation right now. It’s like this is why I want to get healthy and I know that it’s really important in, in the Diet is definitely a hundred percent. And it’s funny because like if you look at the ancients and they take a look at Western civilization and you bring in like a Plato and Aristotle and, right? They talk about eating for health back then. You know, and so it’s something that it’s nothing that’s new. This isn’t new rocket science. It’s just getting out there and doing it.

Tamrin Olden:    in a lot of the nutrition plans that actually are, are effective are based on the foundation of civilization where you ate like Paleo or Keto or intermittent fasting, which are very trendy right now. They’re very effective. I’m an advocate of all of those types of eating styles, but they’re very. If you look at the foundations of civilization, that’s how people aid and get a whole grain. They eat fresh, minimally processed, not a lot of starchy carbs, not a lot of sugars. They didn’t have your juices and sodas and your energy drinks and all that stuff and intermittent fasting, which is huge and has amazing health benefits. I do that as well. People didn’t eat all the time all day like they do now and if you look at how many resources in diets and exercise and surgeries and injections that are out there, you know, look at back then and even the sixties and seventies, you didn’t have the obesity and the health issues and diabetes that you do now. Now there’s even more resources available, yet there’s more people who are at a shape who are unhealthy, who are dealing with health issues because of their weight and it’s because they’ve gone away from your bodies in an instinctive way of eating, of exercising, of being physical.

Todd DeVoe:      Do you know much about autoimmune diseases and the healthy for them?

Tamrin Olden:    I definitely, I have, a few clients who actually, are cancer survivors and a few who battled different diseases and I’ve also, , have been fortunate enough to interview a very well known doctor who specializes in alternative medicine and, , different wellness, different wellness topics. And the, the two most common things that are recommended are intermittent fasting and a ketogenic diet. Those help you with disease prevention also in helping if you are suffering with disease does help you. I’m not saying it provides a cure, but what it basically does is it allows your body to be more efficient. specifically with intermittent fasting. The Times that you were fasting, your body is being able to focus on regenerating itself on, a cell repair and all those types of things that it’s normally we seeing it’s time on processing crap food or just food in general where you’re not giving your body the opportunity to work on repairing itself.

Tamrin Olden:    I’m just for myself and starting intermittent fasting. Some of the little because I did a lot of studying, a lot of researching before I started doing it. I noticed little things like my skin, you know, women’s specialty, if you have stretch marks from having kids or guys, everybody has stretch marks. You have even people who are athletes have stretchmarks, appearance and stretch marks. Changing areas where my hair was thinning on my head. Hairs growing spots like skins, sun spots for. I’m on my skin, on my face. Those are clearing up, acne, clearing up, sleeping like a baby. Oh my gosh. I suffer from insomnia. So an anxiety, especially at night. So being able to just get good sleep, I mean, and have great energy. It’s good for you. Not only as far as the weight loss and helping your metabolism, but it’s definitely helps you with your overall health and wellness.

Tamrin Olden:    So anybody who has any sort of issues, medical issues, those are probably the two things that I would recommend is intermittent fasting and Ketogenic. Ketogenic is the high fat nutrition plan where 75 percent of your calories come from fats, healthy fats, so your red meats are Avocados, your healthy oils, you’re nuts, stuff like that. And then you have 20 percent come from proteins and then you have five percent come from carbs, which is essentially you don’t have carbs because it’s exactly except for vegetables for , so that is probably the most effective way I would say. It’s not for everybody. , I’m not one of those, hey, you should only try this. This is the only thing that works, but it is very effective. I do cycle on and off Keto myself. , I have several clients who are on it who have had great success.

Todd DeVoe:      I’ve seen it like you’re saying that I’m one of the guys I work with, he’s just lost 35 pounds.

Tamrin Olden:    I’m actually one of my family members who is a diabetic and it’s funny, my mom called me because she’s very traditional and old school and you’re thinking, why are you having her eat all these fats that’s not good for you, you know all the cheese and these meats and you’re going to have health problems. And I’m like, mom, that’s a very old school way of thinking. Eating fat doesn’t make you fat and eat fat is not gonna cause you those health issues. Now of course there are exceptions. Always make sure to consult with a doctor because everyone’s different, but that’s not accurate. And , my family member actually has lost 35 pounds and went to the doctor, has a clean bill of health. My business partner, Mike does it intermittent fasting and Keto and he’s lost I think around 30 pounds as well, just in a couple months and went and got blood screens done before and after. And doctor is over the moon about it. So very, very effect.

Todd DeVoe:      So our food triangle that we’re heard pyramid, I mean that about shouldn’t be turned upside down.

Tamrin Olden:    Yeah, in some it should be definitely rearranged in, in some ways I’m a lot of people make the, you know, I’m just going to eat tons of fruit. Fruit is great. Like my mom was like that, you know, fruit all day long. Well, fruits have a lot of sugars. Those are carbs and sugars. Does it process differently than your candy sugars? Your soda sugar is. Yes, of course, but it’s still sugars and people, you know, how many servings of vegetables or fruits do you need a day? when people are loading themselves with sugars, when they should be having our healthy fats coming from me. It’s from oil, from Avocados, from cheeses, and then having your, your clean, minimally processed or unprocessed carbs. Sources if you’re going to have carbs.

Todd DeVoe:      Yeah, you’re right. I mean as far as like the fridge stuff as far as being sugars, , as a medic, uh, when we were growing calls and here’s somebody who’s having a diabetic crisis, we’d give them orange juice or fresh oranges. It bring them out of that as an issue. So there’s definitely full of sugar for sure. Oh yeah. So this is great news. So, so those of us that are here that are a little, like I said, little random in the middle here trying to lose the weight, there’s hope for us. Right?

Tamrin Olden:    Absolutely. And you know, I think some people get intimidated, oh I’m too old, or oh my metabolism isn’t the same or injuries. Injuries are very calming. You can always work around that. I know especially officers, you know they had the lower back injuries, you have injuries, you have to shoulder injuries, there’s always ways to work around it. So with my clients, all my, you know, I do a screening so one of the things if you’re looking to work with someone, I do online training programs, so you do it at your own pace, it’s flexible with your schedule, obviously a lot more cost effective. And I have clients all over different states, different countries because it’s all online programs. So one of the things that I do, and if you’re gonna look for a trainer, you make sure that one of the red flags, if they don’t do an assessment from the beginning, run the other way.

Tamrin Olden:    I ask them, you know, do you have any allergies? Do you have any medical conditions? Do you have any injuries? What lifestyle do you have, you know, do you work shift work where it’s hard for new to eat or where you’re limited on what you could do or maybe you just literally don’t have the time to do the meal prep. Like, you know, do you have access to a gym? Do you have equipment at home? Well, what kind of equipment? I’ll have a client say I have a sandbag, a Kettlebell, and a barbell. Okay, cool. Did I build their plan based on what they have? Oh cool. It’s custom, not a cookie cutter plan based on them. So if you’re gonna work with someone, I absolutely recommend making sure that they’re asking you those questions because you cannot put a blanket and plan on everyone’s different and that’s how you’re going to end up hurting yourself. Yeah.

Todd DeVoe:      Yeah. You talked about the abuse in the body when I was younger, you know, my, my buddies all jacked up. I played rugby, I was in the service. Everything hurts on any given time.

Tamrin Olden:    So yeah, that happens.

Todd DeVoe:      So you’re already working with somebody who knows how to work through not three or injury like we used to talk about Taylor put around that to make sure. Yeah,

Tamrin Olden:    modifications or I’ll tell them, hey, you’re doing a movement and you’re not feeling okay, let me know. We’ll do an assessment, we’ll see if you’re maybe don’t have the correct form and then we’ll make some adjustments to do something else. You know that you’re not going to go and aggravate the injury.

Todd DeVoe:      So we talked a little bit about your website. You gave your web address. I’m think of that again, but what is on your website, like what kinds of cool things that are on there that people might want to jp on there and grab resources from?

Tamrin Olden:    Well some of the things, things that we have is we have a blog where we go and we post ’em different article topics, tips about supplements, exercises, nutrition programs, even just like shift tips, different, tons of different resources. So there’s tons of blogs on there. We’ll also publish our podcasts through there. So you could check those out in the show notes. There’s tons of resources. We just started a for where we’re gonna be posting and having our other online trainers, all of our trainer’s work in law enforcement. They are active law enforcement personnel. that was part of the criteria that they’re going to be able to go in there and you could post a question, they could start a discussion and you have a support group that you could go to ask those questions. And we’re also, posting a recipe section specifically that you can get different recipes that are out there, share different recipes, and just kind of had that support.

Tamrin Olden:    We also have our Instagram Team Fit For Duty and we have our team fit for the Facebook page, but we also have a private group that you could join. Did you have to ask couple of questions to get into and that we go and we share information through. So just creating that community and having other people who you know are on the same page and same boat, you know, and being able to have that support to help push you through because I’m telling you these professionals can be, I think more mentally impactful. And then the mental aspect and the stress aspect of it ends up impacting the physical, you know, that that’s a cause of the physical. So when you have a support group or someone to ask questions or just vent, hey, I had a really crappy day, you know, I’m struggling to stay on track and just have people to push you and motivate you. The accountability goes a long way in your success. That’s why people Yoyo Diet, because they don’t have the accountability, they don’t have the motivation. You don’t have people to catch them when they fall, you know? So having that support group is, it definitely helps further your results.

Todd DeVoe:      You know what? I think it’s important to you to be physically healthy because it also clarifies your mentally. Absolutely. And we were having too many first responders committing suicide these days and it starts becoming a crisis. You know, and then I think doing things like this, even if it’s just a support crew with through physical exercise that there’s an additional person there to speak to, to say, hey look, I’m, I’m feeling like crap today and walk me through this a problem. So I think that’s important as well.

Tamrin Olden:    Absolutely. And I mean like you said, it’s, something that we all kind of go through, but you know, the mental health aspect of it and having our, our departments were very fortunate. We have access to resources, we have an in house peer support group. Anytime there’s a critical incident, we automatically bringing counselors and we make everybody go to the counseling. I mean I know that in this profession people don’t like it, they don’t like it, but it’s, it’s becoming less and less of a taboo thing. And you know, first responder suicide is huge and you know, suicide awareness month is ending that this month in September, I’ve personally known a couple of people. I’ve had someone in do that. I know that I lost to suicide a couple of people and you know, it’s unfortunate and a lot of times people are reaching out and they’re fighting an internal battle and, you know, keep an eye out for each other.

Tamrin Olden:    If you’re noticing behaviors or maybe someone’s not performing the way that they normally do, you. Hey, how are things going? Are you okay? Not, oh, they’re just screwing around or what’s wrong with them? They’re being lazy. Maybe something’s going on. You know, people aren’t usually the best about expressing their emotions, but maybe just asking them that one time if they need help, I saved their life. so again, this all, you know, the mental, the physical and everything just is kind of intertwined. And I think that once you get that foundation of feeling good, of being healthy, of having that mental clarity, it all becomes this cycle of health and wellness overall wellness, which is definitely needed in this profession more and more than more now than ever.

Todd DeVoe:      Right. I agree with you and the other stresses of the society keeps.

Tamrin Olden:    Absolutely.

Todd DeVoe:      So before I let you go, we’re getting near the end, I got a couple more questions for you. One is, and I know you said it before, but let’s go ahead and let you do it again. So if somebody wanted to get a hold of you, how could they find you?

Tamrin Olden:    They can find me. I’m on social media platforms that Tamarin olden t a m R I n o l d e n m my email as well. I also have a contact page on Team Fit For I’m so pretty easy to get ahold of me, or any, any of the Team Fit For Duty. Personnel were a great network of resources for each other.

Todd DeVoe:      And for those of you that are driving and I can’t write it down right now or like I always save your pencils, not sharp, don’t worry about it. We’re going to put this stuff in the show notes. You can find it on or whatever listening platform that you are on. It will be in the shoulders down there as well. Okay, so here’s the toughest question that day, Tamarin Okay. Would she got, what book books or publication do you recommend for somebody who wanted to get more information regarding fit fitness and fitness for duty specifically?

Tamrin Olden:    Oh Man. You know what first responder is something that there is not a lot of information out there for, which is why we started Team Fit For Duty. we do a lot of self-research, I guess you would say. , I do a lot of research on intermittent fasting and Keto Diet. Dr. Com, I believe is his website. Dr Fung who is, you know, world renown doctor and specializes in Keto and intermittent fasting. He’s probably my go to and not even if you, if you don’t want to do Keto or intermittent fasting, his, recipes, his, his articles just, I mean great knowledge and resources. That’s probably my go to that I use to get to educate myself.

Todd DeVoe:      Awesome. Alright. Well, was there anything that you’d like to say to the emergency manager out there before we let you go?

Tamrin Olden:    Just keep doing what you’re doing. I know that sometimes there are days where you just feel like I’m, it’s spending, I’ll use this term, the keynote talks about, you know, live in the buried life. You’re just buried in tasks and doing and stress. Make yourself a priority because people are looking to you. You need to be the one that helps others and you can’t help others if you can’t help yourself.

Todd DeVoe:      Okay. Where there’s just so much for being here with us today on EM Weekly. It was a pleasure having you here.

Tamrin Olden:    Thank you so much for having me.








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