What is a managed Webinar?

Hosted webinars managed by our professionals is a great way to achieve your goals with the features of a self-serve virtual webinar but with the assistance of a professional team who will organize, oversee and run the technical side of your event for you. A managed webinar is a way for organizations to broadcast to a live or on-demand audience using video conferencing technology.

What Makes a Successful Webinar

  • Dedicated Event Producer
  • Detailed Event Plan
  • Reliable Registration System
  • Personalized Speaker Preparation
  • Pre-Event Consultation
  • Pre-Event Technology Testing & Set-Up
  • Event Moderation & EmCee
  • Event Recording
  • Post Event Reports
  • Brandable Content

We’ll help you plan, manage, and deliver!

Your ideal webinar for a live or on-demand audience.

From our initial discovery call to the final tech-check we work with throughout the entire process.

Working off the final approved agenda we help to keep the webinar on point and on time. Our EmCee will introduce and thank each speaker, while our team managers shared screens, administer Poll’s and manage Questions and answers.