Make Noise by Eric Nuzum

A Creator’s Guide to Podcasting and Great Audio Storytelling

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Listening to a podcast I was introduced to Eric Nuzum, the Author of “Make Noise: A Creator’s Guide to Podcasting and Great Audio Storytelling”, the Host’s guest for the day. I was intrigued with the story so I actually opened my Amazon App and purchased the Audible version of the book. While listening to the book I realized, I needed the hard copy for markup and flagging pages for future reference. Before I reached my destination, that hard copy was on its way with an ETA of 1 Day. You have to love Amazon.

The book description read, in part,

“Make Noise brings all the wisdom, advice, practical information, and big-picture thinking that any individual or business needs to make a successful podcast. He identifies core principles – such as create empathetically, i.e., think like the audience listens, and stay focused on what’s unique to you and what you have to say.”

Amazon Book Description

The “Ten Word Description” exercise was of value and I was amazed at my Company, Sitch Radio, description was just that, Ten Words! “Sitch Radio is here to help you tell your story“.

The book even offers;

  • the rules of storytelling
  • advice on how to test-drive an idea, when it’s all ready
  • how to develop your audience

The Amazon Reviews showed a 71% 5-star rating and I give it a 5-star rating as well.