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Welcome to another episode of “It’s a good day to live”. My name is Gary Ferguson your host. Having had the benefit of several in-depth feedback from listeners of the second episode, I would like today’s episode to provide some clarity as to the work. We do at Pathways for veterans and the work we do using the rest station Lounge, scalar wave Technologies and the halotherapy Salt Solutions.

The work that I’ve been involved in for the past 10 years has primarily been working with veterans who have post-traumatic stress that is turned into a disorder and Veterans with TBI or traumatic brain injury. I personally, have both. Having been diagnosed with TBI back in 1981 and no diagnosis for post-traumatic stress until 1986 when the diagnosis came out.

I had to find a solution other than self-medication to this seemingly hopeless State of Mind and Body. What I realized that my addictions were merely symptoms of an underlying cause that was deep within me. I sometimes refer to this as the sickness of the Soul, as a result of dozens of years of research both in the realm of Science and spirituality, I came up with the solution to this seemingly hopeless State of Mind and Body. The solution was for me and me alone. So, for the past 32 plus years. I   have not found it necessary to take medications of any kind other than occasional prescription medication for major surgery. I basically have been drug free for almost 33 years now.

My success has been based upon these modalities that I’ve cobbled together to support my personal journey and self-awareness, my desire to have peace of mind most of the time.  I rarely have an upset anymore. Because I’m able to process information at a different level than mine.

So, let me explain how it works. We are energy at a subatomic level. We are all energy. We are protons of light in motion. We’ve got a name for it. We call it emotions. So, when we realize that our emotions are a result of a chemical download from our pineal gland, that gives us sensation that we described as an experience, like love, hate, fear, gratitude.

These are all frequencies. It’s really important that we kind of understand it. If you’re to understand the work that I do with veterans and non-veterans because we’re all veterans of something. If you’re a veteran of child abuse, you’re a veteran if your mother and you’ve had children, you’re a veteran if your parent your veteran, we’re all veterans of something the fact that I identify myself as a combat veteran.

It’s only because I went to war and my job was to kill people if you read “A Good Day to Die”, you’ll understand that I got addicted to killing people, and most people look at me and when I tell him that with a look of Askins if you will. Like judging me, but the reality is if somebody is about to take your life, you either react or you respond. If you react chances are, they’ll be dead before you are. If you respond, chances are you’ll be the one dead that’s just how it works. There’s no right and wrong. There’s no good bad. You’re either predator or prey choose.

Well, I chose to survive the fact that I got addicted to it and enjoyed it. That’s a whole different story and it’s in the book. The point that I’m trying to make is that we are all vibrational frequencies in motion. When you understand that you understand what I mean. I’ll give you an example in the first two episodes. You’ll notice that I made a statement that I would say the following on every podcast.

Station Advertiser
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 I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

And I also clarified it by saying that just feels right. Well, if you say that out loud while looking in the mirror, you two will get the experience of what I’m talking about because those frequencies that are generated in the language that we use the words create a vibrational residence, within our body and I have the experience of gratitude. When I say the Pledge of Allegiance. I have a profound sense of gratitude. The frequency of gratitude is what unlocks the energy of my source energy, which is my heart. It is hard to be upset if you’re grateful for everything. My attitude of gratitude is beyond measure because I’m grateful for everything when I tried to tell my mother how grateful I was for being molested as a child.

She could not understand but it was my attitude of gratitude that allowed me to forgive myself and order to forgive the man. Who molested me I’m 11 years old? I didn’t do anything wrong. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong attitude and I paid dearly for it and yet today I’m most grateful for the experience.

Because what it taught me people have a tendency to try to understand what Consciousness. Consciousness is the same as experience. Our experiences create our Consciousness if we have an attitude of gratitude and we are grateful for everything just the way it is. Can we no longer live in a world of right and wrong good and bad we no longer judge.

We no longer have opinions. What we have is the freedom to exist in a conversation with other human beings at a heart level. We can bypass the language of the head and speak from the language of the heart. And that’s what Pathways for veterans is all about the protocols that we use whether it’s the rest station Lounge that gives you an experience through vibro Acoustic sound healing the scalar wave Technologies, which is based upon the work of Nicholas Tesla who in my opinion is probably the greatest mind that ever lived.

We’re just now understanding his technology and he’s been dead for a while the halotherapy Salt Solutions. If you can treat yourself using sea salt therapy to reduce inflammation open up your Airways deal with. Allergies and anxiety to have an overall sense of well-being that provides you this state of being that allows you to experience your authentic self.

Most of the information that I will share with you in upcoming episodes is already in writing and online. Under the membership Link at Pathways for If you go to Pathways for and you click on the members link and type in the world number one, just the one veteran it will give you access to a protocol that if you just do the work.

You’ll have a breakthrough. It’s not possible to do the work and not have a breakthrough when I say break through breakthroughs are result of having a breakdown. We all know what it’s like to look in the mirror first thing in the morning have a real simple test. I do every morning. I look in the mirror.

I look myself straight in the eye and I say is it about them or is it about me choose 99 nine-tenths of the time I will say it’s about them because if it’s about you. And not about me my ego doesn’t know what to do. My separating myself from my ego is my primary purpose in life today. I have a very big ego.

I have a very strong ego my ego no longer runs the show. I merely acknowledge my Ego for being there and taking such good care of me because I’m still here. I’m 73 years old now, and I thank him, and I move on, but I no longer attached to. My mind if you will I have great capacity for intelligence for learning have a thirst for it both science and spirituality.

I just love to explore possibility. But the reality it does not run my life. What runs my life is my heart. The torrid field of the heart is 5000 times stronger than that of the mine. Your heart is the drumbeat of who you are when people lose their authentic self and they operate out of their mind rather than their heart.

They have a tendency to get lost in what we call the Matrix. They’re doing this in order to have that someday. Quite honestly someday never comes science has overwhelmingly demonstrated that 95% of everything you do after the age of 7 to 11 is programs 95% are programs that are running your life their subconscious belief systems.

That you believe to be true in order to survive and your ego is constantly gathering information for that purpose and that purpose only the way it’s able to accomplish that is by being right in order to survive. That’s the problem that we face in the world today people’s attachment to their opinion in the world of right or wrong.

Rather than in the world of what cell so the whole intention of Pathways to purpose Pathways for veterans the rest station lounge and all of the work that we’re about that’s going to be expressed in a good day to live is where we bring people from Cutting Edge Technologies onto the podcast and have them.

Share their experience strength and hope with the listener so that they can find access or road map. If you will to a way of being rather than a way of doing. So, in the past couple of episodes what I failed to realize until it was brought to my attention by my friend Steve and also by a friend of mine with the Halo Association.

Dr. Cindy Hollenbach was that. I have to provide more basic information to the listener because they don’t have the benefit of the experience that I’ve had over the past certainly the past 33 years, but more importantly the last 10 years because I’ve had access to the extraordinary information both in the realm of Science and also in the realm of spirituality and experiential trainers from around the world that have helped me develop the programs that pathways.

The pathways for veteran’s program that’s available online. If you do the 30-day program that’s online. It doesn’t cost you anything. It will give you access to the truth. Perhaps for the first time in your entire life. It’s nothing that I say. It’s nothing that I do you do the work. All I do is ask you the next question because what we find at Pathways, it’s not about the answer.

It’s about the question. Who are you? When no one’s looking, can you look in the mirror and ask that question of yourself? I have no idea who I am. I get up every day like a five-year-old and bright-eyed wonderment in the world of possibility because I’m no longer attached to my opinions. I take the world as it shows up whole and perfect in every way.

It does not matter whether it’s a flower. It’s an animal. It’s a human. It’s an event. It does no longer matter to me because I am in the God’s grace if you will I am in Consciousness, which is my experiences are now without measured. There’s no there’s no judgment. There’s nothing I’m 73-year-old in a physical body having a five-year-old experience.

That’s not a bad way to be and as a result when I look at my grandchildren and I play with him. I’m actually present to their world of wonderment, and joy. They don’t have all of these belief systems because they haven’t experienced the pain that comes along with experience be like closing your hand and the door that hurts.

But if that hurt prevent you from ever opening a door, that’s probably not a good thing. So, my intention over the next several months if you will is to give the listener a background of relatedness. Now what I’m relying on is you the listener. Giving me straightforward feedback the brutal truth how it lands for you.

Just like my friend Steve and Cindy did when they listen to the podcast. They got back to me because I asked him to be brutally honest. What do you present to I have no idea? Unless you tell me, I have an extraordinary life right now. I have no want or need of anything and yet it wouldn’t be much of a life at all.

If I didn’t share it and give people access to the legacy of my life’s journey before my time is up in physical form. So, I’m your biggest fan. You’re contacting me and sharing with me openly and honestly, what your present to is why I exist I’m here to serve you with whatever resources or information that I have that will help you ask the question of yourself.

Who am I? Why am I here? And what’s my purpose and if the time is right for you during this podcast for upcoming podcasts to reach out and ask the question. I’m here to support you. No email goes unanswered no conversation will go on listen to and or responded to, I don’t have any answers. I merely have the question.

I believe that the answer to anything is more like the booby prize because once you think you have the answer you think you know something and what I’ve learned is I don’t know my ass from a hole in the ground today, or tomorrow, and I’m okay with that because I’d rather live in a world of wonderment and joy and peace and Grace and love and understanding and compassion and empathy then a world of judgment based upon my quote unquote experience and all the lessons.

I’ve learned. I’m just now waking up. I’m 73 years old and physical form. I am blessed beyond measure. And I get that through my attitude of gratitude. That is the frequency for me. I don’t know what your frequency is. It could be appreciation. It could be love. It could be joyful could be anything you make it, but this podcast is about you.

It’s not about me. If it’s about me. I am done. I would be a new and improved jerk and quite frankly. I prefer to be the way I am which is a fun-loving grandfather husband friend. Confidant employer Creator Adventure life doesn’t get any better than this when you no longer exists the false identity that you think you are when you let it go and let God definition of God, for those of you that might have some resistance to God is good orderly Direction.

Can you follow good orderly Direction over a period of time to create a subconscious belief? System change that will provide you with all of your heart’s desire. So, you to like Dorothy down the yellow brick road could click her heels and go back to Kansas Toto in hand. It’s all an illusion we. To say the way it is, so why not make it out to support you and the loved ones your community your friends is complete strangers when you look them in the eye.

There’s not a day goes by that. I don’t say the Pledge of Allegiance. It took a young boy named Noah to remind me how powerful that is. If everybody could just pledged allegiance to something other than themselves, perhaps we could start a transformation that would change the course of humanity and that we could all learn to get along and love one another with such empathy and compassion that we could knock all this silliness off that we call Mainstream media.

So, with that I’d like to have you reach out to me. Give me your feedback. We’re just in the beginning stages. I have no idea what I’m doing. Fortunately, my friend. Brian said that he’d help me figure out a way to do a podcast so that I could start sharing this and just so you know, the whole purpose of this podcast is not.

Is eventually for veterans that are graduating from the program the pilot study that they can share their experience strength are hope having gone through the pathways program on the air because on the air we can do it from anywhere. So that’s really what my hope is that other veterans that go through the program.

Will share their story with their personal transformation. There’s a result of the pilot study. So, you The Listener can become part of something greater than yourself in service to humanity. So, with that I’d like to thank you for listening and thank my friend Brian for making this possible and I will get better sooner than later.

Once I figure out how all this works because I’ve been in a bit of overwhelmed for the last couple of weeks trying to figure all this stuff out of like a kid in the candy store and the shopkeeper just left and all these delicious treats are all over the place and I’m out of change. What do I do?

Let me know. Thanks for listening to you. Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to say thank you to a veteran and throw it a hug. If you can’t it’s always good to give a hug. I love you until next time. Have a good day.

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