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Hey there, podcaster’s, Brian Colburn coming to you with another episode of “I’d Podcast that”.

So today I want to talk a little in length regarding the relationship between “I’d Podcast That” and “Sitch Radio”.

So I personally have been involved in podcasting since about 2008. I’ve always worked behind the scenes, uh, never really been on air until this very show. Once I decided to start this show to help other people produce their podcast, organize production schedules, work out campaigns for social media marketing to promote their podcasts, hooking up sales funnels on their website that how’s their podcast and mailing lists and all of that. It kind of has grown pretty rapidly to the point I almost turned. “I’d Podcast That” into what “Sitch Radio” is today, which we’ll get into shortly.

But I decided not to. I wanted to keep this podcast because number one, I enjoy doing it. Number two, I love interacting with everybody that’s been reaching out to me and asking questions and retaining my services to help promote their show. I’m having a good time with it and I didn’t want to confuse the two. I kind of wanted to keep them separate entities so one could go without the other. Plus it allows me to rebroadcast episodes I’m involved in with “I’d Podcasts That” in other shows. I’m involved in on “Sitch Radio” without having to produce a “Sitch Radio” podcast and now I’m, I’m managing to podcast that I’m producing for myself.

That’s the reason I decided to start “Sitch Radio”. Now, for those of you who don’t know what city radio is, first off, go to www.sitchradio.com. That’s “S” “I” “T” “C” “H” radio.com and I named it that because I want to know what your situation is.

Get it sitch radio?

“Sitch Radio” is, I’m positioning it to be a live and on demand platform for Internet radio. With that, somebody can come to me and I will help them create and produce their podcast with as little or as much production assistance as they need. That podcast. That show can actually live on “Sitch Radio” without having its own website. We’ll build a page out where your player will live. If you want to go the extra mile, we can build a blog on that page so people can get to individual episodes, read transcripts, click links, whole nine yards. And it’s on the radio platform, so the more podcasts that are there, the more eyes are going to get on it and spread the word of maybe your podcast if they came for Joe’s podcast. It’s kind of a cool project and I’m having a lot of fun with it.

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Right now it’s housing, “I’d Podcasts That“, “EM Weekly“, It’s housing, “Sjogren’s Strong” and we just launched “Combat Vet Vision” this week, which is awesome.

These are individual shows and out of full disclosure “I’d Podcast That” is this show, “Sjogren’s Strong” is actually a show that my wife and I do. She suffers from a “Sjogren’s Syndrome” and we are doing an upbeat, positive show for people with Sjogren’s, whether it’s primary or secondary and inviting guests on and all of that good stuff. So if you know anyone with Sjogren’s syndrome, let them know about “Sjogren’s Strong”.

EM Weekly is a podcast that I produce. Todd DeVoe is the host. Um, we just published episode 87, I believe it’s going really, really well in the emergency management space, not cert, not your community disaster preparedness. We’ve had guests like Craig Fugate whom was President Obama’s FEMA Administrator. We’ve had Brock Long on the show who is the FEMA Administrator under trump’s organization right now. It’s a really cool show.

Now “Combat Vet Vision” that is a podcast that I’m producing under “Sitch”. And Aaron Siebert is the host who is a retired naval corpsman who served with the marines three combat tours. He was hit by a mortar round and almost lost his life over in Iraq. He’s doing a show for mainly bringing vets together whom are dealing with PTSD. He’s a Board of Director, uh, for the “Warrior Built Foundation” whom we support. He is also a “Peer to Peer Mentor” for the PTSD Foundation of America out of Texas. So great guy, great mission and we’re happy to have him aboard.

And I’m flying one other banner on the website and I’m not even going to say the name because they’re kind of dragging their feet a little bit. We’ll get that show up soon.

That’s what’s going on over on “Sitch”. And there’s some freebies over there if you want a guide to organizing your thoughts about starting a podcast and there’s some good reference materials over there, but I wanted to share with you today exactly what the relationship is between I’d podcast that and “Sitch Radio”.

So this show is going to remain this show to help people with podcasts, answer questions and pretty soon I’m going to be bringing guests onto the show as well. We had one thus far and I’m really trying to line it up and outline next year. So it’s a, it’s a bang’n show.

And then see which radio we rebroadcast and broadcast live on. “Sitch”. You can check out www.sitchradio.com, www.idpodcastthat.com is actually going to take you to the “I’d Podcast That” page on stitch radio.

Hopefully there are no questions. If there are, you know where to find me, brian@idpodcastthat.com.

Till next time. Talk soon.




Sjogren’s Strong

Combat Vet Vision

EM Weekly

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