“I’d Podcast That” Format is a Changing

Hey there, podcasters hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend. Here in the US we celebrated Thanksgiving and I chose to take that week off and I’m going to continue that tradition, so let this be fair warning. Holiday weekends that encompass Thursday through Monday, I’m probably not going to be airing an episode. So be forewarned and if you’re shedding a tear, I apologize.

No, I don’t.

I need time for myself as well. Today is going to be a different show. For those of you who have been listening, you realize that I started sitchradio.com. And a lot of my time and attention has been there and not focusing on this show as much. It took off, I’ve got a couple of shows under my belt already that I am producing and I anticipate more. However, with that having been said, we’re going to tweak, I’d Podcast That.

So if you are looking for tips, tricks, and information on creating a podcast than this will no longer be the show for you.

What I intend to do with the I’d Podcast That platform is this. I want to interview people with podcasts and it’s going to be lighthearted. We’re going to dive into troubles, issues, problems, successes, celebrations and all of that, and it’s going to go into short form. So they’re going to be short form interviews. So if you’re looking for info, you’re still going to be able to hear what works, what doesn’t work, however, it’s going to be on the lighter side of things, not getting into the tech of it.

I hope you look forward to that. I actually am. I have quite a few guests lined up already and I, I’m excited to do this because of a, me producing how-to content. It kind of got stale for me and not that, I don’t feel I’m a good teacher of. I’m more of a practitioner of I don’t learn by listening. I learn by doing.

So, me trying to educate via audio just didn’t work because I need hands on. And I apologize again if that upsets you, but there’s a lot of great podcasts out there that are teaching tips, tricks, and I listened to them and I hope you would as well.

So with that having been said, this is going to serve as an, an announcement that the format here at I’d Podcast That is changing, I hope to bring you some laughs. You know, I, I really want to do these interviews in an engaging way. I’ve got some great questions outlined that will most likely be asked podcast a podcast, but I’m going to kind of let the conversation go in a direction where it just goes and I want to have fun with this. So I hope you do understand that and we want to continue producing I’d Podcast That with the holiday breaks. But again, with that having been said, I invite you to hit sitchradio.com. I’ve got some cool stuff going on over there and this podcast is there now. It lives on sitchradio.com. It’s going to kind of be the official podcast of SitchRadio.

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So it’s me from “Sitch” doing, I’d Podcasts That.

So some of the guests I have lined up, and if you visited Sitch, you’re going to notice Todd DeVoe with EM Weekly. I do some back-end work for him on that. He does a lot of it himself, but uh, I’m here to help facilitate that show. I have been since day one if you’re into emergency management, that’s the cool podcast on that subject. However, we’re going to be talking to Todd about, you know, what it’s like scheduling so many interviews. The majority of his episodes are interviews and he’s lined up some great guests when it comes to emergency management.

Craig few gate, he reported to President Obama, he had Brock Long on the show who reports to president trump. He had a lot of great forward thinkers in the space of emergency management and we’re going to bring Todd on the show and hopefully learn a little bit from him and have a few laughs along the way.

Todd and I go way back. I mean 20 plus years, way back, we actually met running rescue ambulance for a company here in Southern California doing 9-1-1 service. So we probably can’t talk about that too much because we kind of have a sick sense of humor after doing that job for as many years as we did so. But again, we have some stuff to learn from him.

I will be interviewing Miss Guadalupe Castaneda from Sjogren’s Strong who I co-host width and, and Lupe as I call her, Actually, I call her Me Chula, is my wife. She does suffer from Sjogren’s Syndrome and we’ve had to make a lot of adjustments in life with that. But her podcast is relatively new, just dropped episode nine. She’s had some fun along the way and she’s got some touching stories to share with you about her journey and experience podcasting as well.

Next on the list is going to be Aaron Siebert, AKA “Chief“. He was a senior chief in the United States Navy, served a green-side Marine Corps as a Corpsman, was blown up by a mortar. He had his last rites read to him. Too many surgeries to count, but I’m sure he knows the number, hundreds of pieces of shrapnel pulled from his body. He sharing his journey post-military and transitioning from to civilian life and the challenges that it possesses. He’s a peer to peer counselor for the PTSD Foundation of America and uh, has had three combat tours, so we’ve got some cool stories lined up there as well.

So listen, with all of that, having been said, I want to kind of wrap this show and again, I did take last week off for the holiday and I’m sure there’ll be a Christmas break. I don’t even know what day Christmas is this year. Christmas is actually on a Sunday, so I’ll be good. I don’t think I will take a Christmas break so you can add. Oh, that’s November. Let’s click over to December, December 25th is a Tuesday, so yeah, I’ll produce a show that week and we will go from there.

So you can expect consistent podcasts for the next. Wow, Several weeks because a new year is actually on a Tuesday as well.

If you have a podcast and would like to come on the show and Chit Chat with me about your show and would like to share the successes that you celebrated with us, I’d love to have you on the show. Please reach out to me at brian@idpodcastthat.com

Until next time, talk soon.