Happy Holidays, SEO & Marketing

Happy Holidays to all listening to “I’d Podcast That” this is Brian, your host.

Today she’s going to be a quick down and dirty, appreciating you guys, type of episode. With the holidays in season it’s just been craziness on my end. No excuse. I do apologize, but I wanted to get a quick little show out today.

Been busy recording content into the new year so we will not see any disruptions, but a real quick happy holidays.

Number two, the one piece of advice that I can give you anI’ve seen this issue four times this week alone is people producing awesome content and they’re not committing time to promote themselves or to market this content.

So it’s fine and well if you build the coliseum, but if you build it and you don’t tell anybody it’s built and that they can come visit, no one’s going to come see it.

So make sure you put a marketing strategy together and make sure you spend ample time promoting and marketing your show, your content, your book, your video.

Just because you upload it to your platform doesn’t mean the world’s going to find it.

And on another quick note, make sure you’re spending sometime learning a little bit about SEO and you’re improving upon your techniques, every piece of content you create, this will help you get discovered by the search engines and get those search engines, putting your content in front of that many more.

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I’m not going to ramble on, but I wanted to say happy holidays. I appreciate you all and I look forward to next week’s episode number one. Number two, some awesome content I have lined up for 2019.

Til next time. Talk soon.

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