Gurkhas and Working Wardrobes 6 Feb 2020

Brian & Seth will be talking about Gurkhas coming to a city near you and the fire destroying Working Wardrobes. We have an update on the Coronavirus, the stolen lemur, and a few other stories and weekend events.

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Brian – Coronavirus Update – So far, there have been an estimated 19 million cases of flu, 180,000 hospitalizations and 10,000 deaths in the U.S. this influenza season – including 68 children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Compared to Coronavirus – Latest numbers

Seth – Lemur Stealer Gets Jail Time
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Seth -OC Bus System Drops New Hydrogen-Powered Buses and Fuel Stations
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Brian – One Man, a little Red Wagon and 99 Cell phones, Simon Weckert causes a ‘virtual traffic jam’
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Seth – OC Gets Gurkhas
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Brian – Brian – Working Wardrobes, a total loss
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Brian – Mugs and Mutts, Saturday the 8th at Stero Brewing Co. Noon to 4 PM For every beer purchased 1 dollar will go to Labradors and Friends “Have a Mug & Hug a Mutt!”     Ref –

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Brian – Geology Tour of Santiago Oaks Regional Park. Saturday 8:15 am to noon, Hosted by Orange County Sierrans Section   
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Seth – Beatles Live Band Karaoke Jam at Tumbleweeds   
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