If you are in a relationship, you will have good times and yes, you will fight. You will disagree, yell, fight, and say things that you probably should never say. What’s a girl to do? You grab your closest girlfriends and dish about how awful your boyfriend is or that your boss is out to get you. Your friends nod in unison but really don’t offer any advice except, “I’m sorry, honey.” Your problem is still there. It’s sleeping in your bed or waiting for you to clock in at work. 

Girl Talk is here to help you manage these types of conflicts. Karine Wong is the CEO of My Guiltless Treats and also a clinical pharmacist. In addition to her leadership experience, she also has 8 years of experience as a clinical manager. She’ll reveal effective conflict management tips that you won’t find in self-help books, magazines, or even girlfriends. Her strategies are applicable in the work setting as well as in personal relationships. Listen to any episode and learn how to manage and minimize conflicts in your life.

Girl Talk

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