Goodbye For Now

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EM Student, Episode 23, Goodbye for now

Hi and welcome to EM Student and this is your host, Todd DeVoe speaking. And today I have some interesting news. I suppose we’re going to put EM Student on the shelf for a little while here.

A wise man once said that you can only do three things well and using the incident command system model five is the ultimate number and once you get over seven, we really need to break it down into another section. So with things that are going on here at weekly, moving well past that number seven of where I could be able to handle a bunch of things by myself. And so we’re growing, which is great. And I have some personal things that have gone on as well. Well, I got accepted into the executive academy through FEMA, so I’ll be working on that. And then also looking at, I should be starting my Ph. D. in emergency management.

Goodbye for now, Todd DeVoe puts the show on hold to "Sharpen the Saw"

Those two things alone are going to be putting a lot of pressure on my time. And, we’re going to just slow down EM Student and it’s not necessarily a bad thing because we’re still doing EM Weekly and so I’m going to be taking some of the components of EM Student and putting it into EM Weekly. I think it’s a good thing, you know, you can always find us still at and go in there and use the ask Todd button if you have any specific questions about what’s going on and what you’re learning and how to practically put that into effect from school to work. And also we got the Facebook group that you can always jump onto and have conversations over there with other practitioners of emergency management as well. And also you have, you know, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram I supposed those areas there that you can, you can jump in and it really engaged with the community. And remember the whole reason why we’re doing this is to have that emergency management community to where you have a place to go to ask questions and to be with familiar people. So let me get this one short. I just want to say thank you all for the time that you’ve spent listening to us. Please go over to EM Weekly and continue to listen over there and signing off for now. Stay hydrated, stay safe.


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