Best & Worst Holiday Stories

Join us this week as we continue our fireside chats and talk about our best and worst Christmas stories. It’s an interesting thing when you talk with others and find out more about their childhood. What I have found is that we all share common themes that once expressed bring about a sense of connection to the ordinary dysfunction we think are unique to us. We took some time to delve into the new year and see what 2020 has in store both personally and from a collective conscious standpoint.

Join us on this episode as you won’t want to miss it.

Gary: [00:00:00] Hello and welcome to another episode of, it’s a good day to live. My name is Gary Ferguson, your host. I’d like to start by my favorite thing to do. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and justice for all, and that’s just the right way to start a day.

[00:00:25] Amen. Amen. Well, hallelujah. Here, here we are again with my two dear friends, Brandon and Joe, and we’re here to talk about Christmas. What happened in 2019 so we’re going to start with Joe, what’s the best Christmas, and then the worst Christmas, and then we’re going to go to Brandon and I’m going to follow it up.

[00:00:49] Joe: [00:00:49] Okay. That probably would just be this last year. Watching. I got a five-year-old son and it was just really nice to watch. The joy he had in Christmas again, and they always say like, you can buy curiously through your kids. You get to relive Christmas and the spirit of it. And he had a little countdown calendar and would check off the last five days.

[00:01:12] And when he woke up at my house on Christmas and just the look in his eye, the first thing he said is it Christmas. And I got to say, yes, it is. We put out a bunch of presents from Santa around the tree and he ran out there and you know, almost fell because he was running so fast with a little. Socks on the floor and wake you up.

[00:01:32] Six 30 well, I, yeah, I know. I was, I was actually, we were up at like the night putting it all out there, but I was putting my nap last minutes out there and I’m like quarter five thinking I was just waiting. I was kind of being loud too. I was more excited for him to wake up. I was like, dude, come on.

[00:01:49] But that, I think just watching him just take joy in Christmas was definitely. This year, 2019 Christmas.

[00:01:56] Gary: [00:01:56] Wow, and the worst?

[00:01:58] Joe: [00:01:58] Oh man. well, probably the most dramatic drama filled one it stands out is cause, my brothers and sisters are, well, my whole family is dysfunctional, but, one sister in particular hated one brother.

[00:02:10] And they decided that it would be a good idea. My mom did to invite everybody over and then add alcohol to the mix, which always, you know, really brought out the finest of the McKeen family and all I remember, and I just read, I was just like, shit, I just made, I was, you know, selfish. I was like, I just want to get presents, you know, I’m like, don’t fuck this up.

[00:02:28] I just want to get to my presence. And, but before I knew it, my brother Kent was on top of my sister, Michelle, and he was choking her out, and then her husband was. On top of him, and then his wife was on top of her.

[00:02:44] Brandon: [00:02:44] So they’ll have their clothes on?

[00:02:48] Joe: [00:02:48] They were, they were stalking each other, but, yeah, I just remembered, I just, I just knew that was just the beginning of the end of my, yeah.

[00:02:55] Brandon: [00:02:55] We opened a presence in the background?

[00:02:57] Joe: [00:02:57] I was, I just knew that it was just going to be a bunch of chaos. And before long the, you know, the obligatory knock at the door and our family friends, sacrament Sheriff’s department was there.

[00:03:08] And I’m like, come on in guys. You know? And probably that would be, I mean there’s similar stories to that one, but I just remember that one in particular just because it was just. Oh, it’s just always bad. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t really like the holidays today. Well, around my house. I know that the holidays I started not liking him at all.

[00:03:24] Brandon: [00:03:24] Yeah. It happens with a lot of people.

[00:03:26] Gary: [00:03:26] Families come together, and the dysfunction reappears and throw some alcohol, and that’s the recipe for success.

[00:03:33] Brandon: [00:03:33] Like we were talking about. Yesterday or the day before about how it just becomes normal. It’s like, Oh wow, that’s just the holidays. He gets like that at Christmas and nah, you know, it comes part of the celebration.

[00:03:47] Gary: [00:03:47] So sounds like you got a little experience in this neighborhood as well.

[00:03:50] Brandon: [00:03:50] Yeah, I mean, I had a lot of those as a kid that probably the worst Christmas that I can think of. Was, I remember being a kid and I would always, whenever we’d get home, I’d run up to the door first. You know, I remember we got home, and it was like evening time, and it was probably Christmas Eve or day for Christmas or something, you know?

[00:04:07] Right around Christmas time. And I remember running up to the door and we had the windows and the door, and the windows were breaking out, like, you know, and I was probably, I’m guessing. 6ish, you know? And I remember just gone and turned around and running back to the car, like, Oh my God. Ah. So, we came in and somebody had broken, and all the presents were opened up.

[00:04:29] It was like, you know, the refrigerator was open and there was stuff on the floor. And then somebody just literally like ran sack the house and eat and unwrap presents, though they may have even taken the Turkey for all I remember, but I was so young. I just remember that feeling. Yeah. I don’t remember getting what I got or, you know, but I just remember they took, taken most everything.

[00:04:49] Years later, my dad told me that it was probably somebody he knew breaking in because he’d just got a bunch of weed. It was his Acapulco gold, so many broken, you know, come over to my house.

[00:05:11] Best Christmas, you know, as a kid. I remember flip side, it’s probably a year or two after that, but I remember still being young as waking up and seeing my BMX bike. The lights gleaming off at five in the morning and just, I’ll never forget the shine and all the Chrome and colors. And this year it was my daughter, my youngest, she had been asking for a hoverboard for a couple of years.

[00:05:32] So I finally got her one. I got her like this off-road with off-road tires, and it’s like this monstrosity of amazingness. And so, I got her that. She had been wanting one and kind of caught me off guard. She literally started opening it, and as soon as she saw the writing on the side and saw what it was, she broke down crying.

[00:05:50] And so our other daughter started crying and everybody was all like, and she was so amazed and happy and just tears of joy. And I was like, just melted my heart. Yeah. Never forget that. Wow. That was this year, right? Oh, that’s cool. Yeah, I got a video of it. It’s pretty cool.

[00:06:06] Gary: [00:06:06] Well, I have to say though, I’ll say I’ll, I’ll start with the best Christmas, which I do believe is this Christmas, primarily because my wife and I had an opportunity to spend, my wife’s a Christmas baby, so it’s normally births.

[00:06:21] Celebrated birth of Christ, but it’s also her birthday. Oh really? Yeah. She’s a Christmas baby. So, we basically, for the past 20 years, spend the entire week around Christmas. She takes it off and I take it off and I pretty much unplug and, well, yeah, I do unplug from, I mean, not total unplugged, but I did pretty good this year.

[00:06:42] Yeah. Even though I had bouts of severe boredom, cause I’m not. Yeah. Designed to sit around, but I must say it was the best because the kids were great. The grandkids were better than ever before, was able to spend time with family and conversation with friends. You two have made it hugely beneficial. In my last, the last six months, I got to tell you it’s been about six months.

[00:07:06] I know I blocked Brandon Ben about six months. About three months. Yeah. You guys have made a huge difference in my life. It, it almost gives me a, I know now why I do what I do. Okay. Cause if I didn’t do what I do, you wouldn’t be in my life. And as I get older, I appreciate friends and family more than ever before.

[00:07:26] I used not to have friends because you didn’t know how long they were going to be here. In the circles that I traveled, your life expectancy was not very long

[00:07:39] or freedom. Maybe that’s a better way. Your, your freedom probably would be interrupted as sooner than you thought, so. Yeah. But this was the best Christmas ever, and I feel really grateful to have my health and all the things that come along with it. So, yeah, I’d say this one was the. The best.

[00:07:57] Brandon: [00:07:57] How old are the grandkids?

[00:07:59] Gary: [00:07:59] My daughter’s birth child is six and her stepdaughter is nine. So, there those are magical ages and to watch them interact as magical numbers. Yeah. Magical number. Yeah. Yeah. I’m sorry. Yeah. That went over your head. Out there. For those of you listening, send me an email and I’ll break it down for you.

[00:08:31] Yeah, and as far as the worst boy, there’s so many of those. I wrote about it earlier and probably going to add it to the rewrite of a good day to die, probably the worst was December of 1967. Because of about a week or two before Christmas, there was a lot of talk about a ceasefire and you know the, the word in the bush was that because of this, the demonstrations back home, the Paris peace talks started and.

[00:09:01] It looked like there was going to be a ceasefire. So, there’s a lot of excitement around perhaps not having as much combat to engage in. So there was an expectation that things were going to settle down a bit, but that’s all it was, was an expectation that it didn’t turn out to be what was going to happen because as it turned out right after the new year.

[00:09:22] The Tet offensive occurred, which was the fiercest battle in the history of the Vietnam war, and I was right in the thick of it. But prior to that I had to go out on a night patrol. And so, it wasn’t Christmas day, but it was about, I think from my memory, it’s about three days before Christmas. We went out on a night ambush and I had to make a decision to call in artillery on our position because we were being overrun.

[00:09:47] I remember just before I said fire for effect, asking God to let me live and I would do whatever he wanted. You say those kinds of prayers when you know you’re going to die because it’s not normal to call in artillery on yourself, but it was either that or everybody would die and unfortunately for me, I didn’t die, but a lot of the other guys did.

[00:10:14] So I had to live with that level of survivor’s guilt, and I still live with it today. It would take another 20 years before and honor my commitment that I made that Oh wow. Because I did survive. I didn’t die when others did, and I just went on about business as usual. I kind of forgot about that prayer that I do whatever he asked, both for the remainder of my time in Vietnam and also.

[00:10:39] When I returned to civilian life, I basically just went on a journey of self-destruction that was probably beyond most people’s imagination. You know, I turned my back on a foxhole prayer and other people died. So that’s probably the worst part.

[00:10:55] Brandon: [00:10:55] Yeah. And so, what goes through your mind? Like I should have done a couple of clicks to the left or the wrong coordinates, or?

[00:11:02] Gary: [00:11:02] No, it was necessary to call it on her position because I made a decision.

[00:11:07] In the military, there’s a chain of command. You’re told what to do, and this particular second Lieutenant told us we were going to set up a position around it. Pagoda, which is a church. Yeah. I said, nah, nah, that’s not a good idea because we lose our line of sight and it’s just not a good idea. When you’re out on ambush and night patrol, you don’t lose line of sight.

[00:11:27] That’s a recipe for disaster. But he was in charge and he made it clear and I said, okay. And late that night, the Gucks came up out of the church. The tunnels that they were in were right underneath where, where we were at, and they come up in the middle of the church and came out like, you know, fire ants.

[00:11:44] Yeah. So, they were all over the place. So, we were shooting at them while they were inside our perimeter with the building between us. So, it was a complete clusterfuck.

[00:11:55] Joe: [00:11:55] Yeah. Are you guys shooting at each other? Then the bullets were going right through the church.

[00:12:00]Gary: [00:12:00] Going through the church, the other side, and you know, of course we have tracers, so we can see in every fifth round you’ve got a tracer, so you know where your bullets are going.

[00:12:07]so you’re just talking to the line and shit going out from the end of your gun. And I had positioned the. Artillery with, what we call spotter rounds, the before the night set in, I call it an artillery, so I know exactly where they’re at, where the coordinates that. So, when I called in the coordinates, it was a direct hit.

[00:12:25] I knew exactly where the rounds were going to go. They were going to come right on top of us when it was over, the church was gone. Gucks were everywhere. And a lot of the guys that went out that night died. I just wasn’t one of them. Wow. So yeah, I made a decision not to get court-martial if I’d have disobeyed an order.

[00:12:42] I had got the court martial. So, you can understand what happens to a lot of these returning kids that are coming back now when they have to make a decision in a split second. A life or death decision in a split second. And then you got some character back here, Monday quarterback and what took place and holding him accountable.

[00:13:01] Who’s to say, I wasn’t held accountable, I was doing my job, but who’s the judge?

[00:13:06] Brandon: [00:13:06] Man, that’s tough. So, what was your best Christmas as a kid?

[00:13:10] Gary: [00:13:10] Don’t have one. My childhood was as dysfunctional as you. I mean, I cannot read, we didn’t have much of anything. I probably, if I had to answer that straight up, it’d be, you know, when I rubbed the Coke machine down at the park and I ended up with a lot of little nickels and dimes,

[00:13:30] I didn’t get audit church stealing money out of the basket. Didn’t Dawn on me. You were supposed to put money in.

[00:13:43] And then you had offered me money, I’ll tell you. Yeah, my childhood was beyond dysfunctional.

[00:13:50] Brandon: [00:13:50] So you didn’t have any aunts or uncles or relatives that gave you guys stuff?

[00:13:54] Gary: [00:13:54] Not really. No, not really. I don’t recall. I had parents. My dad was a practicing alcoholic and ranger, and I’ve done a lot of deep work to try to get back to him, but I don’t have any real memories of the holidays.

[00:14:09] Mom was always working, and my dad and my grandfather always drunk.

[00:14:14] Brandon: [00:14:14] That’s not normal?

[00:14:19] Gary: [00:14:19] We get along so well. It’s because we, you know, we’ve managed to survive very dysfunctional families. And as a result of those experiences, we’re in a position now to make a difference in people’s lives. Yeah. I mean, the collective consciousness that we’re able to demonstrate not only like in these podcasts, but just in the work that we do with others.

[00:14:38] It’s pretty evident to me. I’ve had good Christmases, but it wasn’t in something I received. It was some of the best Christmases I had when I was working with the homeless. Those are great Christmases. I bet it’s always for me, when I’m in service to others, everything seems to work. Anything other than that seems to be just a total fuck up.

[00:14:56] Brandon: [00:14:56] I’m kind of the same way. I was telling Kelly that today, I was like, I hate, I don’t like when people give me stuff. Like last night I was thinking of, Oh, my neighbors and I. Cousin. I don’t know. Like I’ve got to thank him for that. Oh, this thing. And they didn’t know. I didn’t get, you know, I’m like I, I just prefer to give, I’d much rather that you have that.

[00:15:12] And I received, cause I’m like, ah, there’s just so much.

[00:15:14] Joe: [00:15:14] That’s why I didn’t get him anything because I didn’t want to think about pressure.

[00:15:18] Gary: [00:15:18] Yeah, that’s it. You know, that’s a classic, you know, that’s world war II. That’s an original, you know, what would feed that? How many brass staplers have you seen it are on a wire roll?

[00:15:32] Joe: [00:15:32] Oh shit none.

[00:15:33] Gary: [00:15:33] That’s brash right there, baby. That was, I mean, that’s Teddy Roosevelt shit. Wow.

[00:15:39] Joe: [00:15:39] Well, for those people that can’t see where we’re at, I told Brandon, I felt like when I first came here, like we were in the war room and we were planning like an invasion seriously, like when the desk and the tears, the green chairs, and it felt like they were like, all right guys, tomatoes.

[00:15:55] Gary: [00:15:55] John Demato was. My sister’s husband, and this was his office. Oh, there’s the stuff in here was his, and this was his original desk with the military? No, he was not military, but he was an icon in Silicon Valley, and he was a very successful businessman, developer. And this whole. Room was dedicated to John and Jean because they’ve been the big contributors to pathway success financially.

[00:16:27] They’ve supported me with all this. So, a lot of this is a, as John’s and it just like the survey and the survey. It’s the thing that goes up on top of it. I just found the base of it, so now I have the whole thing that I can set it up. Nice. But all of these little parts and pieces, if you know what they are, they’re pretty, they’re pretty rare.

[00:16:46] Yeah. Yeah. They’re pretty rare. So, I really like that as a 1918 ice cream machine behind you. Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, the little knob at the bottom is to drain, but you take the wooden top off, and that’s where they would set their Cartman. You’d put all the ice around it, so that’s where if you went into an ice cream shop and just imagine the manual one, there’s no, they had the note, they had the regular carton pre Fifty’s before refrigeration, all that.

[00:17:15] That was a deal. And they put a container in there and surrounded with ice, little ice block. Yeah. Right around there. It was great. Yeah. Just little things like all this stuff here. So, I try to do it in memory. So, some of those books there that are back to the late 18 hundred early 19 hundred that original.

[00:17:33] Really cool. Yeah.

[00:17:35] Brandon: [00:17:35] So what about 2020 what’s everybody’s goals? Thoughts?

[00:17:39] Gary: [00:17:39] Well, I, I think 2020 is going to be my best year. And the reason why is I’m able to step out of my purpose work that I’ve been doing for the past, you know, full time for the past 10 years. But certainly, over the last 30 years I’ve been doing what I do.

[00:17:53] And now I’m at a point where I’m able to do my legacy work, which is to put all of this into some sort of an organized program that can be replicated by others so they can take this information and process it. Through their own life’s experience and give it to others.

[00:18:10] Brandon: [00:18:10] I love it. I’m actually the opposite a little bit cause I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing and being a consultant for about 12 years now and I feel like just about 10 full time and I’ve always struggled with doing stuff to pay the bills versus doing things that would be my purpose work.

[00:18:27] So I feel like I’m going into my purpose work because I can finally sort of afford to mentally and physically and financially too. Follow my passions and work on purpose, worked out by other people and just utilize the skills that I’ve sort of garnered and taught myself over the last 10 years.

[00:18:44] Gary: [00:18:44] Well, I’m glad you feel that way because the reality from my perspective is your, the future of the work I leave behind because you have the technical ability and you’ve got more, more importantly, you’ve got the heart.

[00:18:58] Most people don’t have had an art. I have one or the other. You got both. When you properly blend the two together, you’ll be unstoppable. And the fact that you got this character over here, you call your friends, I really think that the trilogy of conversation as well as consciousness it could generate out of here, would really lead me to believe that I got a very good chance of leaving a legacy behind.

[00:19:22] And you guys would be able to pick up the ball and add to it. It’s not a done deal. It’s never a done deal. It’s a process of evolution, its consciousness, word, an expanding consciousness. They were expanding universe. So, if you guys can take what I’m able to give you and use what you can and leave the rest, add your own parts and pieces and your own little.

[00:19:42] Gift of gab, if you will, and share it with others. You’ll not only prosper in life, but you will thrive in life beyond anything you would imagine. It doesn’t show up in the realm of, it’s a job. It shows up in the realm of I’m doing purpose work, and eventually you get old enough. If you live long enough to where you’ll do legacy work.

[00:20:00] I’m at that point now where I’m doing legacy work. I don’t have a desire to do anything else. I just want to leave this behind and give it away. That’s all. Find a way to give it away so others can prosper. And that’s a good way to wrap it up.

[00:20:14] Brandon: [00:20:14] What about you, Joe?

[00:20:15] Joe: [00:20:15] Well, 2020 I think it’s kind of clarity.

[00:20:18] I the year myself, my purpose. I think that’s the exciting part and been got this new level of energy burst because I feel like I’m just coming back. From a new year with an opportunity to help kids and just, I just feel blessed. Now finally, versus I, I was kind of getting burned out on teaching cause I was like, ah.

[00:20:40] shit got another year of teaching and now I’m like, Holy shit. I get to teach not only just teach, but I get to, I’m so excited about what I’m currently doing. Myself, my awakening or whatever you want to call it, awareness. I mean, that’s really what it comes down to, that I feel blessed that I can get ahold of these kids when they’re so young and help them deal with all the bullshit that they’re dealing with.

[00:21:02] I mean, and if I can just give them a little tool here and there, you know what I mean? That’s going to just be unbelievable.

[00:21:08] Gary: [00:21:08] Well, I think there’s no greater joy than coming out of the darkness into the light. You know? We’re light beings. We’re energy. That’s. Really the bottom line. We’re all energy and we’re all connected, and our opinions create our judgments that create our separation.

[00:21:25] And no, I think, watching you could step into your purpose work. You’ve kind of, you are already headed that way. You know, when I met you, I don’t think you, you’ve got a handle on what it looks like for you’re in the process of figuring that out, which is a good thing. I think you recently discovered your purpose work as early as a few podcasts ago.

[00:21:46] Yeah. There was a shift in your energy. I was sitting right where you’re shitting when and you were sitting where Brandon sitting, but I intuitive felt a shift in your energy field, like the light came on and you really got it. You had your aha moment. We get them from time to time. I’ve had a couple over this last week.

[00:22:08] you know, particularly with some new information that came in and wanting to figure out how to put it into the process. You know what I mean?

[00:22:16] Brandon: [00:22:16] Well, it’s like with you being a teacher, you just. Sort of think, well, that’s what I went to school for, and I got into and that’s my job. And then all of a sudden, you’re like, Whoa, I could actually use this.

[00:22:27] I know for me, I got into digital marketing and the same sort of thing. All the sudden one day it dawned on me, Holy cow, all the things I’ve wanted to do my entire life, I could never do without the marketing component to actually make money doing it. And I realized. Well, heck, I don’t really want to do all this technical stuff to a certain degree, but all this is going to play its part in me following my purpose work and being able to market myself.

[00:22:50] Gary: [00:22:50] Well. You know, if you look at it, three successful components necessary to deliver a product, if you will, that we’re kind of in the conversation about you’ve got a youth with Joe and a platform to speak from and into. We have view with the, the technology. And the heart, if you will, from a marketeer, somebody that can actually speak to the media because without communicating to folks out there, they won’t, you’re going to have the best product in the world, but if nobody knows about it, what’s the point?

[00:23:25] Yeah, and for me, it’s, I see it simply as that with the platform and the technology and the gift of gab, if you will, to wisdom shit. To me, it’s a natural, if we all keep. Each other accountable to our word and what we’re able to do in service to others. I mean, that’s just a formula for success. What that product looks like, I don’t know, but I do know what it doesn’t look like, and that’s the typical bullshit that is being promoted out there.

[00:23:55] And whether it’s in the school system or it’s in the media for advertising in a marketing, I’ve always. Had a challenge. I’ve been in sales, quote, unquote, pretty much since when I retired from the fire department. I’ve been self-employed for almost 40 years now and had some great times and had some naps are great times, but it was always based upon my purpose.

[00:24:17] If I believed in it, it happened. If I didn’t, it didn’t. And there’s no difference in any one of us, if you believe it. It’ll happen if you believe that it will happen. If you don’t believe it won’t happen. I believe in this possibility and I believed that the timing is right and that I’ll have an opportunity to step back and be part of and listen in.

[00:24:40] And watch this conversation, grow, through you to others in such a way that perhaps we can be part of that tipping point in consciousness that will transform their behavior on our planet so we can stop acting out. So foolishly with the craziness that we’re creating is pretty crazy.

[00:24:58] Brandon: [00:24:58] Well, you’ve got to reach the hearts and the minds, and it’s like the youth, you know?

[00:25:02] And then we have the ability to reach the intellectuals with some of the technology and the wisdom that you’ve.

[00:25:08] Gary: [00:25:08] I get it. Some others. Yeah. I basically, I’m constantly in research. You know, I’ve always known, and I’ve told you this before, I’m sure I’ve said it before, that I’ve always known I was full of shit.

[00:25:19] I just never knew why. And when you discover how you got the way you are, you really, I mean, you put your Palm to your forehead and you go, Oh my God. You know, I’ve been so inauthentic. You know, I’ve been inauthentic 95% of my life. It’s only the last three or four years that I actually got my head out of my ass.

[00:25:38] And took a look around, but I pretty much operated in the dark from the very beginning. From day one, I’ve always been the guy that survives. I’m the guy that always comes back.

[00:25:48] Joe: [00:25:48] Like the cat. Yeah.

[00:25:52] Gary: [00:25:52] I’ve had the, I’ve had my nine lives and the lady I was talking to today when, she told me of her health issues.

[00:25:58] She, she’s three years younger than me and I was flabbergasted cause last time I talked to her. She was thriving in her own practice with the rest station and all this technology. Life was good. She was very optimistic and, and her whole world has changed in the last 18 months because of unforeseen health issues and I was flabbergasted, and you talk about having to look you right in the right in the eye, you know, it’s like, Whoa.

[00:26:23] Yeah. I mean, last time I talked with her, she had a cold and now she’s having to move into assisted living. And her whole world’s changed and no way to, no way to recover, you know? So, I suggested to her today that she started journaling and writing because she’s got a wealth of knowledge. I said, just don’t go sit on a bench.

[00:26:43] You’ll fade away very quickly.

[00:26:45] Brandon: [00:26:45] Plus I was thinking when you’re talking is like hourglass, you know, and just the. Time has just fallen through us. You know, we have, you know, the wisdom to get out, but we need to get out, you know, before we run out.

[00:26:56] Gary: [00:26:56] Well, exactly. And I don’t, I, you know, this 20, 20 is, to me is going to be a great year because I don’t think I will run out of time.

[00:27:05] I think we have time to pull this together and to practice it enough to get a couple of dress rehearsal out of the way. And then it’ll take a life of its cause. Others will show up, others will show up and bring what they have to contribute because the collective consciousness is the only path forward for humanity.

[00:27:23] We either come together as one, as a result of an assessment of the behavior we’re leaving behind. And I’m just talking about global. I’m not talking about politics or partisanship or any of this other crap. Just look at, there’s crap we’re producing in the world today, anywhere in the world. Look at it.

[00:27:39] That wasn’t the plan. I think we’ve been poor stewards of the plan for sure. You’ve gotten sidetracked with self-interest and it’s playing out in mainstream media right now. Most people aren’t buying it. I mean, thank God the American people and a lot of people around the world have common sense still.

[00:27:56] This is not rocket science.

[00:27:58] Brandon: [00:27:58] Well in a weird way, it’s like more people seem to be waking up and connecting, but at the same time it seems heightened because of the platform that’s doing that. It also seems heightened at the idiocrasy of the planet as well, so it’s in a weird way, at least for me, sometimes I wonder who’s winning?

[00:28:15] How are we getting smarter or dumber at the same time? Again, I forgot which.

[00:28:18] Gary: [00:28:18] Yeah. To me, I don’t think there’s a winner or I don’t think there’s a winner. I think there are only losers. The zero-sum game. It doesn’t never did make sense to me, and that’s what we’ve faced a lot of our consciousness on here in America anyway, is competition.

[00:28:34] We do it with. Here’s an educator, see that it’s all about the competition and now, you know, it’s like some of the stuff that the rules and stuff that you go by in the school to be politically correct is, I just don’t, I, I’ll never get it. It just seems so ridiculous to me that we’ve, we’ve gone that far out.

[00:28:52] We’ve gotten that far. It’s almost like the, the insane people to run in the system. Yeah. I think that, I think we follow our hearts desire this little, my heart’s desires. What has got me here. My heart is what got me through Vietnam. It certainly wasn’t my skills. You know, my willingness to die for my other buddy is the only thing he got me through.

[00:29:13] If I make it about you guys, I got a shot. If I make it about me, I’m done. Good day to live. It is a great day. Absolutely. Oh, I like great. Better than good. So why don’t we change the name? It’s a great day to be alive. I love it. Yeah. Well, thanks for listening in and you’ve got an appointment to get to.

[00:29:30] Joe should try not to break the law. Well, and I’ll be looking forward to your homework being posted now that you’ve got a computer

[00:29:38] Joe: [00:29:38] Thursday, Thursday. Well, it’s already out twice today.

[00:29:42] Gary: [00:29:42] I keep praying for a miracle. It’s a Christmas miracle that Joe posted.

[00:29:49] Joe: [00:29:49] Did Brandon post yet? I’m holding him accountable.

[00:29:52] Gary: [00:29:52] Ask Brandon, he’s right there because he bought us.

[00:29:54] Brandon: [00:29:54] I have not

[00:29:59] Gary: [00:29:59] Yeah, man. Yeah, but it’s all good. So, thanks for listening in. See you next time.


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