A Nice Suit and Playing in the Sand

Brian celebrates the re-opening of an awesome Orange County Charity that helps people get back on their feet and Seth will be discussing the Santa Ana River project.

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This and more on today’s episode of “Drive Time OC”

Seth – River Sand Project 
Web – Web – https://patch.com/california/newportbeach/newport-beach-river-sand-relocation-project-now-underway

“OC Real-Estate with Daniel Preszler”

Brian – Working Wardrobes reopens after fire
Web – https://irvineweekly.com/working-wardrobes-reopens-irvine-donation-center-after-fire/

This Day in History – 2 Oct, 2002 – U.S.A. Sniper Attacks
October 2nd, 2002 : The first victim of the sniper attacks in the Washington, D.C. area, is shot and killed in a grocery store parking lot. The sniper was caught after 10 people are killed

Web – https://nationaldaycalendar.com/national-produce-misting-day-october-2/

“What’s Coming to Theaters this week?” with Jay Sherer

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“Feel Good Friday” with Tina Anderson


Brian – Oktoberfest at Old World Biergarten in HB
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Jay Sherer, “What’s Coming to Theaters this Week”
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The Story Geeks Podcast

Tina Anderson, Feel Good Friday
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