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Max The Elf:       If we have an issue with Rudolf, we actually have a backup Rudolph that goes in and can't take over his duties.

Todd DeVoe:      Hey, welcome to EM Weekly and this is your host, Todd DeVoe speaking. And this weekwe have Santa Clause's, emergency manager Max the Elf. And before we get intothe interview, I just want to wish everybody a merry, merry Christmas and ahappy new year. And again, thank you all for listening and taking time out ofthe day. I know we're just a couple of days here. Before Christmas. It'sDecember 20th and we were able to land Max over here. He's busy, but he'staking time out of his day to talk to you guys, the emergency managers of thiscountry, of this world, of the, of the universe a because Santa Claus, I guessas a, a universal figure and he's out there doing his stuff. They're gettingready to go out and... You know, so it's pretty exciting. I hope that we findyou all on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and, just follow us andenjoying the conversation and uh, well let's not keep them waiting anymorelonger. Hey Max, welcome to eon weekly. Glad to have you here.

Max The Elf:       Thanks
for having me here.

Todd DeVoe:      So I know it's a busy time of year for y'all and y'all are making all the toys and stuff, but, emergency management obviously is an international thing and you guys up there in the North Pole or are working in that as well. So, how long have you been doing emergency management?

Max The Elf:       I've been doing emergency management for over 30 years.

Todd DeVoe:      Well that's a long time. And, and uh, how old are you?

Max The Elf:       150 years old.

Todd DeVoe:      Holy Smoke. What were you doing before you started doing emergency management?

Max The Elf:       Well, I used to make rocking horses, but then I got promoted.

Todd DeVoe:      I guess promotion out of the Rock Horse Division must have been exciting for you.

Max The Elf:       Oh, it's definitely a challenge to move from rocking horses up to emergency management.

Todd DeVoe:      Well, I guess it's better than shoveling out the stalls of the reindeer, Huh?

Max The Elf:       Yes, it is much better.

Todd DeVoe:      So speaking of the reindeer, what are the emergency procedures of like say, you know, Rudolph isn't working or whatever, like what are you guys do on that aspect of things?

Max The Elf:       Well, what we do is if we have an issue with Rudolph, we actually have a backup Rudolph that goes in and can't take over his duties.

Todd DeVoe:      Oh Wow. So you guys are like breeding the red nose reindeer.

Max The Elf:       Oh No, there's only three of them.

Todd DeVoe:      Okay. Well, that's a pretty special. A little guy there to be able to guide that Sleigh at night, Huh?

Max The Elf:       Yes. Yeah. It takes a lot of training and a lot of time basically we have contingency plans to swap them out if we have any issues.

Todd DeVoe:      Now, one of the questions that came from one of our listeners and a Facebook a contributor, he. asked. What kind crash rescue teams do you guys have up thereat the North Pole?

Max The Elf:       Well, of course the crash rescue teams that we have of course have to work in the cold, cold weather we deployed in as soon as we know there's an incident in a problem and basically we have other reindeer that we sent out to recover and uh, hopefully, uh, fix whatever the problem is.

Todd DeVoe:      So what kind of disasters do you plan for up at the North Pole with Santa Claus?

Max The Elf:       Well, of course there's the dreaded blizzards that comes through on a pretty much daily basis up here. So we have to make sure that we're well supplied with acold weather gear, food, fuel and marshmallows and chocolate to make ours'mores while we are waiting for the storms to go out.

Todd DeVoe:      Oh, that's really important. Those a chocolate and s'mores. So I do have to ask a historical question for you. So long time ago, Rudolph, he wasn't really a coolguy, was kind of being made fun of, you know, wasn't invited to play any of thereindeer games and it was like a super foggy night that Santa Claus to ask themto guide his sleigh. Are those fog still really like a big deal and um, isRudolph now considered a hero?

Max The Elf:       Well, the fund's role in about once every 10 years and we still need him, but the deal is Rudolph knows where everything is now. So he, we basically need him to lead the crew and make sure that all of the reindeer and all the presents and Santa Claus get to where they need to get to.

Todd DeVoe:      So
is he now invited to the reindeer games?

Max The Elf:       Well, actually he is the moderator of the Reindeer Games. He is the one that has done so many times that he knows them so well that now he's just the moderator and sits back and watches all the other reindeer, do their games.

Todd DeVoe:      Soit's like a promotion, like from Rocking Horse Division to emergency management. Now he's a moderate of the reindeer games.

Max The Elf:       We rely upon his experience and we rely upon his knowledge of the reindeer games because he's done them so often that we use him to determine who is the winner of the reindeer games

Todd DeVoe:      very well. So speaking to the reindeer games and other listener just chimed in andwas asking how do you feed the reindeer in that process when you guys are goingall over the world delivering toys to the boys and girls?

Max The Elf:       Well, we basically secured hay bales all across the world, so that went. Santa Claus is hopping between countries and hopping between houses. We have strategically placed, hey, so that the reindeer can not only eat, but we also have and uh, other treats available for them because, you know, the reindeer also want treats just not Santa Claus.

Todd DeVoe:      So, so speaking of treats, Santa Claus has eaten a lot of milk and cookies across the world and I'm sure at some point of that milk and cookies catches up with them. Uh, does he use our bathrooms that are homes when he asked to use the bathroom or how does that work?

Max The Elf:       Well, luckily we've actually created an ingenious system. It's all a part of his sleigh. He can basically do whatever he needs in his sleigh.

Todd DeVoe:      So Santa Claus uses his sleigh for more than just driving around the world.

Max The Elf:       Well, you know, I mean don't, we all have to use the restroom every couple hours. Sowe built that in and basically it's when he gets back from dropping off all his gifts to the world, you know, we clean it up then take care of it.

Todd DeVoe:      So another listener just chimed in and it was asking is Santa Claus if he gets caught like those are the kid sees him walking around the house, is that considered a disaster and an emergency response for your team?

Max The Elf:       Well, yes it is because we need to make sure that Santa Claus is anonymity stays, stays and we want to make sure that he can continue and do what he's doing. Um, basically what we do is we send out our helper, elves that basically help the children. Not Remember that they saw Santa Claus,

Todd DeVoe:      kind of like the men in black flash

Max The Elf:       a little bit, but a little bit more mystical.

Todd DeVoe:      Have you ever met the men in black?

Max The Elf:       I personally have not. That is a question you would have to ask Santa Claus because he's the one that's out there and around.

Todd DeVoe:      So, um, he is round, that's for sure. Yes, he is. So does that make it hard to fit him in the sleigh? Sometimes there's a roundness.

Max The Elf:       Well, luckily as a part of our program we have him on a very strict diet of Candy Canes and Candy and all sorts of good things. He never seems to grow any bigger than the right size. So no, that's never a problem.

Todd DeVoe:      That's always awesome that he is the right size and you wouldn't want them any smaller than he is, that's for sure.

Max The Elf:       Well, yeah, we have to consider, you know, how cold it is and all the weather conditions across the world. He needs to make sure that he's well insulated.

Todd DeVoe:      That's so true. Especially like you said, it's really cold and blizzardy up there in the, uh, in the North Pole. Um, so speaking of North Pole, do you have any natural disasters outside of the, uh, uh, the snow storms?

Max The Elf:       Oh sure. The North Pole, we have earthquakes and, we have occasional tsunamis that come in and wait, wait for pair. That way we just make sure we put extra frosting on all the gingerbread houses and we make sure that all of the areas where the elves make all of the toys and all that are well stocked with provisions that will allow us to be separated from, you know, our regular world up there for an extended amount of time.

Todd DeVoe:      So down here in the United States and in Canada to a. We had the CERT programs. Do you guys have like a the community emergency response team programs? Do you guys have a cert program up in the North Pole?

Max The Elf:       Well, we have an Elf response team that will basically, if there is an emergency, they will go out and assess what is happening and then report back to Santa on what can be done and what needs to be done.

Todd DeVoe:      Do you run your Elf response team? I do. How many members do you have over your Elf response team?

Max The Elf:       We have approximately 50 members that will allow us to span out across the NorthPole if there is an emergency and be able to report back so we can make sure we're. We're on time on making our toys and making our deliveries.

Todd DeVoe:      Well, that's really important. Never thought about that. So it's more like A. Yeah, like a business continuity plan up there as well.

Max The Elf:       Yes, yes. We make sure that are a toy building operations can sustain and you know, we have some pretty tight deadlines that we have to make and we make them every year.

Speaker 2:           Well it's awesome. So what, what's like the, uh, the most crazy emergency that you had to respond to you?

Max The Elf:       Well, we actually had a piece of the ice shelf break off one year, which actually caused both in earthquake and a tsunami, but because of our response team and because of how quick the Elf's, where we were able to fix the areas that needed to be fixed quickly were able to keep ourselves on schedule and I'm not really too much damage. So.

Todd DeVoe:      Oh, that's awesome. That's a, that's pretty crazy. I never thought about the uh, the ice shelf ever crashed and off into the water like that, but I'll be probably pretty scary for you guys.

Max The Elf:       It actually happened in the middle of the night. We just basically felt the earthquake, but luckily everybody got out

Todd DeVoe:      very well. Did you guys have like a, like some sort of escape route that you guys have or how does that work?

Max The Elf:       Well, you know, considering that we are kind of on our, we really don't have an escape at this point. We're working on a plan to possibly use the south pole asour escape route, but the problem is the south pole isn't very cold and it waspretty hard to know this lay on that,

Todd DeVoe:      like a time portal. How you get from the North Pole to the South Pole.

Max The Elf:       Well, you know, we can move pretty quickly. So, you know, Santa as he moves across the land, uh, on the night of Christmas, uh, we have a plan to use the same technology to move our whole operation down to the south.

Todd DeVoe:      Oh, that's pretty interesting concept. You know, we talk about that, um, with the idea of relocating if you need to. So I'm moving to the South Pole. That makes a lot of sense. It was more penguins to the South Pole. No.

Max The Elf:       Actually we haven't done research down there and cloud allows, so not sure about the penguins, but would definitely, if something did happen in the north, we could go to the south.

Todd DeVoe:      Oh, that's kind of a cool idea there. So where's your favorite place to vacation?

Max The Elf:       Well, considering that we're elf's vacation is where home is, we can't really go anywhere because we're mystical creatures.

Todd DeVoe:      Well, before we get deeper into your, uh, your vacations and what you guys kind of do as elves, let's take a quick break and hear from our sponsors and I want to thank them all for being with us for this long time. And uh, well let's hear from them

Todd DeVoe:      welcome back from that quick break and you guys can please go to our sponsors and tell them that you came from and weekly would love to have them know where you're coming from. So let's get back into the interview with Max, the Elf and a maximum. We left. We asked you where you went on vacation and you're pointing it out that you guys are mystical creatures and you don't do vacation. But what do you guys do for fun?

Max The Elf:       Well, around the North Pole we liked to go sledding. We have a snow mobile that we get on and we ride around the North Pole line. Uh, every year Santa Claus throws at Carnival where he brings in rides and all sorts of fun things. So, uh, we can have fun with our families.

Todd DeVoe:      Oh, it was elf families?

Max The Elf:       Oh yeah, there's elf families. There's, I have my wife and my two kids and um,yeah, we, we all enjoy ourselves and we all enjoy making toys for the kids.

Todd DeVoe:      So if you ever watched any of those, uh, TV movies about elfs and about Santa Claus, how many of those are pretty close to being true?

Max The Elf:       Well, some of them are true, but some of them are, are not the, most of the movies out now are basically for entertainment and for fun. And a lot of the stuff that they do in there. Yeah we do. But some of it we don't.

Todd DeVoe:      Do you ever watch the movies and say, Oh, we don't do this at all and try to correct them?

Max The Elf:       Not really.

Todd DeVoe:      So you're just like, you don't watch elf movies at all then? Huh?

Max The Elf:       Well, let's see. I see we're just too busy making toys and we don't have time to be watching Christmas movies around Christmas.

Todd DeVoe:      So Santa Claus as a slave driver, is that what you're saying?

Max The Elf:       Well, we all love doing what we do. So calling it a slave driver is no, because we enjoy making toys for the kids.

Todd DeVoe:      Oh very well. What are your plans look like for your emergency management plans? For the, for the, uh, North Pole

Max The Elf:       up in the North Pole. It's pretty cold up there. So again, you know, lots of warmclothes, lots of extra water, lots of extra fuel. We have plans in place formeals ready to eat. So all of us can eat in case, uh, the shipments don't comein for our food. We also have contingency plans for different types ofemergencies, fire, earthquake, and other other items that we may have up there.

Todd DeVoe:      Do you have lots of fires in the North Pole?

Max The Elf:       Things get a little busy and the factories and every once in a while we do have a fire.

Todd DeVoe:      So it's not like a wild land fire then?

Max The Elf:       Oh No. Because everything's frozen. Bird in the factories were going so fast. Sometimes we have small fires that we have to put out.

Todd DeVoe:      Oh that makes sense. The small factory fires. Oh cool. What's your favorite food to eat?

Max The Elf:       You know the date they live on basically sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies and candy.

Todd DeVoe:      You guys drink a lot of cocoa?

Max The Elf:       Around Christmas? We do.

Todd DeVoe:      Is that good for you?

Max The Elf:       You see we are Elf's? And we can eat whatever we want and it doesn't affect us. So yes, it's very good for us.

Todd DeVoe:      Oh that's great to know. I never thought about that. Do you guys drink a lot of milk?

Max The Elf:       We do not. We actually stick the soda.

Todd DeVoe:      Well I was going to ask you where you got your milk from, but making the soda makes more sense.

Max The Elf:       You know Santa drink so much milk on flying around the world, dropping off all the presence that we really don't have milk up there.

Todd DeVoe:      So he's not a big fan.

Max The Elf:       He's a big fan. He just gets it once a year.

Todd DeVoe:      Alright, Gotcha. Does he have any like lactose, lactose intolerance issues?

Max The Elf:       Honestly, I don't know because he only drinks it when he's out getting presence and I'm not around it.

Todd DeVoe:      I probably wouldn't want to be around somebody who is lactose intolerant and drinking all that milk.

Max The Elf:       Yeah, it's probably a pretty scary thing.

Todd DeVoe:      That's a true emergency, isn't it?

Max The Elf:       It would be Yes. it would clear the room out.

Todd DeVoe:      Well, at least he's doing it on his sleigh, not in somebody's home.

Max The Elf:       See, that's our plan.

Todd DeVoe:      That's a very good plan. So before we let you go, is there anything else that you'd like to say to the emergency manager out there?

Max The Elf:       Merry Christmas to you. Emergency managers.

Todd DeVoe:      So brilliant. it was my pleasure to have in Max the Elf here on the show. Talking about Santa Claus's emergency management type stuff and uh, learning some interesting facts about Elf's. Don't go on vacation because of their mystical creatures. So it's everybody out there. Hope they have a wonderful holiday.

Merry Christmas and happy new year.


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